About Palmer

The city of Palmer is located in the borough of Matanuska-Susistna in southern Alaska. It is just 42 miles northeast of the city of Anchorage and has one of the state's most unique histories. Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration formed a colony in Matanuska Valley. It was established in 1935 and consisted of 203 families from the then drought stricken American Midwest. Through a lot drawing process, 40-acre plots of land were allocated to the settlers who spent their first summer living in a tent city. The fertile land in the valley helped to establish a strong and prosperous farming community, which would become known as Palmer.

Today the city has grown up to be slightly more urban, while still maintaining its rural industries. The Palmer, Alaska yellow pages lists several local restaurants as well as a number of popular fast food chains. Also the Palmer, Alaska business directory lists a few hotels, boutiques, craft stores and other local industries. The area around the city boasts golf courses, areas for water activities, such as canoeing and outdoor festival venues. When winter comes, popular outdoor activities include snowmobiling, dog sledding and cross-country skiing.

Palmer is considered one of the main garden hubs for the state of Alaska, producing vast quantities of high quality produce from its fertile soils. The city's downtown is pedestrian friendly and well maintained. The quiet tranquility of the city has led to a large population increase in recent years as people move to the area for a safer, happy life. With this surge of newcomers has come the need for the town's expansion and modernization. Palmer's summer weather is relatively mild with highs in the low 60s Fahrenheit and average rainfall of around 2 inches. Winter temperatures drop down below 10 degrees at times, but average around 15 degrees.

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