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Montgomery Alabama

October, 28th

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Montgomery, AL - "personal financing" search results

About Personal Financing

The days of easy credit seem to be over. People are finding it harder to get that loan for the family vacation or the addition over the garage, or their child's college fund. Where just a couple of years ago, banks were practically knocking on peoples doors inviting them to apply for a loan, these days many folks are intimidated even to approach a bank for a loan. But while the major national banks have tightened their belts when it comes to lending money, Local Personal Financing is going strong. Local Personal Financing means borrowing from your local savings institution. Most community banks did not invest heavily in the mortgage-backed derivatives that forced so many of the larger banks and investment firms into near financial ruin. Local community banks by their nature specialize in the kind of Local Personal Financing that supports the communities they serve. They aren't investing in unknown entities scattered across the globe. Because the loans they make are local, community banks have a greater assurance that the money they lend will be paid back. This conservative approach means that most community banks are financially sound. It also means they are happy to lend to the local community. After all, many of the people who work at community banks are your neighbors and Local Personal Financing is why they are in business.

  • Primerica Personal Financial Representative

    2817 E South Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36116

    (334) 281-2060

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  • Personal Foot Care P C

    546 McQueen Smith Rd N, Prattville, AL 36066

    (334) 358-9765

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  • Montgomery Elderly Personal Care Services

    3236 Covered Bridge Dr, Montgomery, AL 36116

    (334) 244-0256

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  • Pyramid Personal Training

    8449 Crossland Loop Ste 130, Montgomery, AL 36117

    (334) 356-8708

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  • Personal Touch Style Salon

    1609 S Decatur St, Montgomery, AL 36104

    (334) 263-1948

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  • Sweet & Savory Personal Chef Service

    Montgomery , Montgomery, AL 36107

    (334) 309-5533

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  • Cleaning With A Personal Touch

    , Montgomery, AL 36101

    (334) 399-2734

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  • Volvo Personal Shopper

    , Montgomery, AL 36101

    (800) 550-5658

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  • Personal Touch

    4000 Mobile Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36108

    (334) 356-1998

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  • Personal Touch Style Salon

    3647 Debby Dr, Montgomery, AL 36111

    (334) 284-0084

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  • Stroh Communcations

    4220 Macedonia Dr, Montgomery, AL 36116

    (334) 288-3958

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  • Farmers Insurance - William Arthur

    845 Lagoon Business Loop , Montgomery, AL 36117

    (334) 241-9697

    Visit my website & get a quote today!

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More on Personal Financing

One of the best ways to secure Local Personal Financing is through your local credit union. Contrary to popular belief, credit unions are not only for members of organized labor or government employees. There are numerous credit unions throughout the country that offer membership to anyone who is a resident, or who works, within a certain community or regional area. Credit unions are a particularly attractive way to seek Local Personal Financing for several reasons. First, as a member of a credit union you are more than a customer, you are actually a part owner. That means you have a say in how your credit union operates. Second, credit unions tend to offer their members better rates for Local Personal Financing for such things as mortgages, equity loans, equity lines of credit and auto loans. They also tend to offer higher rates of return on investment products such as CDs. Finally, credit unions take Local Personal Financing to its logical extreme. A credit union is more than a local organization; it is in a sense a cooperative of like-minded people whose interest is in the prosperity and well-being of their community and their neighbors. Theres no question that banks have gained a decidedly negative image with their customers as well as the public at large. This is a result not only of the financial crisis of the past two years, but a general trend toward less personal service and higher fees that have been evolving for the past several decades. Local Personal Financing through a credit union is an antidote for these trends. Credit unions can make Local Personal Financing easily affordable, approachable and available.

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