February 25, 2010

Back from the Online Marketing Summit

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Did we see you at OMS San Diego?

The Local Pages team just spent the last couple of days in San Diego at the Online Marketing Summit. The Summit was created with new affiliates, advertisers, and those interested in optimizing their online efforts, in mind.

The summit was unlike many of the other tradeshows Local Pages has attended in recent years. OMS provides a comfortable educational environment, free from sales representatives and pitches. It’s a place where people in the industry can put sales aside and focus on internal improvements. There were two full days of seminars from top industry professionals discussing everything from social media to the fundamentals of International SEO.

Our team attended OMS so that we could offer our expertise, opinions and knowledge of the industry to eager learners. We spoke with many up-and-coming businessmen and women, and shared our experience in the field. Attending OMS was just another one of our efforts to help local businesses succeed in this tough market. We have always been dedicated to providing local businesses with the advertising campaigns they need to succeed, and it is our hope to maximize those efforts in 2010.

If we didn’t get a chance to meet with you at OMS, we hope to meet with you at our next trade show. Please feel free to make an appointment with any one of our dedicated account managers at any time. We’re here to bring your business to the next level and optimize your revenue.

February 18, 2010

Motivating Employees

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LocalPages has a few suggestions for small business owners during these tough times.

These are tough times for many business owners, but small business owners are being hit hardest. None of us are making the money we used to, and that has meant necessary budget cuts. Loss of revenue has impacted employers and employees alike. With employers unable to give raises or provide bonuses, employees have felt a lack of motivation and job satisfaction.

When you can’t afford to motivate your employees with an increase in pay, it is time to be creative. Here are some tips for how you can keep your employees performing well:

1) Show your appreciation.

Do you say thank you when an employee has done a great job? Surveys show that 68% of employees said that job satisfaction is increased when appreciation is shown. By congratulating an employee for a job well done in front of their peers, or in a hand written note, you will motivate them without spending a dime. Be creative with how you show appreciation, you don’t have to spend a lot, but a little here and there can make a huge difference.

2) Recognize good work.

Think about how you would feel if you spent money on a diamond bracelet for your girlfriend or wife, only to find it stashed away somewhere. If she never wore it, you would feel as if your money went to waste. How would you feel if you spent hours preparing a great meal for your boyfriend or husband, and he never complimented the way it tasted, or even said thank you? People like to know that their hard work has not gone un-noticed. Recognize your employees when they have worked hard. You can accomplish this by selecting an employee of the month, or holding small banquets to congratulate good work.

3) Prevent boredom.

Employees tire of repetition, and when they become bored they are less likely to maintain motivation to work hard. Keep your employees engaged and challenged. Find out what excites your employees, what they’re good at, and assign them projects that utilize those skills.

4) Encourage input.

By asking your employees for their opinions or suggestions, you are showing them that you value their opinion. Everyone likes to feel relevant and important. Hear their ideas and show your appreciation for their input, and you will see an improvement.

5) Improve work environment.

Sure money is important, but it’s not everything. If you are a great boss, your employees will want to work harder for you. If your work environment is a fun place to be, job satisfaction will increase. If employees are happy to come to work they are more likely to work hard and stay with your company, even if you are going through hard times. Make employees feel special on their birthday, have an office party from time to time, these little things can make a huge difference.

Remember you don’t have to spend a lot to keep your employees motivated. When times are tough get creative, and you won’t lose valuable employees.

February 5, 2010

Where will you be February 23-25th?

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Hopefully the answer is, in San Diego!

The LocalPages team will be in San Diego at SES from February 23rd through the 25th, but what is SES?

SES stands for “Search Engine Strategies,” an Online Marketing Summit. The trade show has an educational focus, intending to provide affiliates and advertisers a place to network and learn more about the industry. You may think you know it all, but there are always ways to improve your business and earn more profit.

Workshops and seminars will be held through the day on both event days. Local Pages representatives will be present at our tables to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.

Please contact us at Support@localpages.com to set up a meeting with one of our Account Managers.

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