May 31, 2011

Improve Business Communication with Yammer!

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Every business copes with the pitfalls of intraoffice contact. Employees need to be on the same page, especially when they’re collaborating on specific projects. Emails, IMs, chats, meetings, and texts get the job done, but these channels have their flaws. For instance, planning a meeting around conflicting schedules quickly turns into a nightmare. Instant messages get deleted after a short time, and there’s usually no record of their contents. Texts may seem a bit too personal unless company issued cell phones are distributed to staff members. Facebook and Twitter play a role, yet many don’t feel comfortable sharing personal profiles with coworkers. Besides, it’s pretty easy to lapse into inappropriate conduct in such an informal medium.

Thankfully, there’s a solution tailored to meet the complex needs of a professional environment. Yammer.com offers a private, secure social networking arena for offices of all sizes, with particular emphasis on small to medium sized businesses. Lots of Fortune 500 companies use Yammer to organize their operations, but independent enterprises often benefit the most from seamless contact. Yammer provides free services as well as premium products for paying members. Users notice several Facebook inspired features, such as relevant news feeds, private messaging, group chats, and community events. It’s also possible to tag items and share content, including documents, video, and images. There are additional apps available from trusted sources, such as Firefox, Google Reader, and Box.net. Download these for a custom user experience.

Some may wonder what differentiates Yammer from existing platforms. Perhaps the biggest distinction lies in cyber security. Yammer utilizes cloud computing, which reduces the risk of encountering problems. You don’t want to fall victim to hackers or discover that a competitor gained access to your system. Yammer concentrates on protecting your data, so there’s no reason to worry about potential breeches. Another advantage involves record keeping. Naturally, companies monitor workplace communications in a variety of ways. Yammer simplifies the process and leaves a virtual paper trail for idle chatter. The sophisticated search portal makes it easy to access the content you’re looking for. These things come in handy for resolving disputes or compiling evidence in a wrongful termination suit.

Furthermore, small business owners often enjoy the sense of community that a private network affords. Employees logging on won’t be distracted by friends/family during their shifts. Exclusivity virtually guarantees a spam free atmosphere. Employees may create personalized profiles as a way of expressing individuality and showcasing career oriented accomplishments. They’ll have mobile access everywhere they go, which means they’ll always be aware of what’s going on at the office. You’ll never have to hear anyone complain about missing a meeting or a memo ever again!

May 27, 2011

LocalPAGES Small Business of the Week Winner- Cavaretta’s Italian Grocery!

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business of the week

The LocalPAGES team is pleased to announce our latest small business of the week winner, Cavaretta’s Italian Grocery! Located at 22045 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303-1852, Cavaretta’s is a real deal Italian deli in the San Fernando Valley. They haven’t changed a bit since they opened up over 50 years ago, and they’ve got the customers to prove it. Generations of local bring their kids and grandkids in for a tasty treat. Since 1959, Cavaretta’ s developed a stellar reputation as an authentic place for homespun hospitality that many find reminiscent of New York eateries. Ownership changed hands only one time; current managers Paul and David acquired the company 27 years ago. They stuck to the original game plan— providing top of the line foods with excellent customer service in a family-friendly environment. Fans agree that’s truly a recipe for success!

Shoppers discover a wide variety of fresh, imported goods including wines, pastas, sauces, seasonings, unusual beverages, gourmet cheeses, and Boar’s Head cold cuts. While plenty of folks enjoy these items, the biggest draw lies in the prepared sandwich selection. Arrive during lunchtime on a weekday and you’ll find hungry worker bees standing around clutching numbers as the staff creates custom orders. Those on a strict schedule should definitely call ahead for rapid satiation. You really can’t go wrong with any combination of meats and cheeses, although there are a few house favorites, such as rare roast beef, the traditional Italian, zesty Buffalo chicken, salami, and prosciutto. Of course, the hot sandwiches really seal the deal for connoisseurs. After trying a Cavaretta’s meatball sub or sausage and peppers, your taste buds will never tolerate a run of the mill chain store again. Be careful not to stuff yourself silly because you’ll need to save room for dessert. Their wall proudly proclaims, “We’ll make you a cannoli you can’t refuse!,” and they mean it. Along with these, you’ll find other craveable cookies and super sweet bars in assorted flavors.

In addition to the daily offerings, Cavaretta’s also caters larger affairs. They’ll make your wedding or party guests happy with generous portions of sandwiches, lasagna, manicotti, antipasto salads, cookies, and more. Just make sure you place these types of orders in advance. Anyone searching for an Italian deli in Los Angeles, CA should visit the best in the business! The next time you’re in the mood for serious munchies, call (818)-340-6626 or take a trip to Canoga Park. Remember, if you can’t smell it, they don’t have it!

Cavaretta's Italian Deli

May 26, 2011

Pest Control for Small Business Owners

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Organic Pest Control

Unwanted intruders come in many forms. When most people think of intruders, they picture dangerous criminals. Nevertheless, pests of all kinds pose a threat to certain types of small business, especially those in the food service industry. Independent restaurants, grocery shops, convenience stores, and catering services must keep cleanliness at the top of their list of priorities. Nothing repels customers as quickly as insects or rodents. The presence of these critters leaves a lasting negative impression in the minds of consumers. Sanitation issues also violate health and safety codes. Businesses must comply with certain standards in order to stay open. Some states utilize a grading system to raise public awareness about possible contamination. While a low rating may not result in forced closure, it certainly doesn’t sound appetizing to potential clients.

For these reasons, companies need to find a reliable pest control partner to maintain a healthy and inviting environment. Home owners usually call exterminators to spray chemical pesticides when problems arise. In severe cases, they resort to full scale fumigation, which requires relocating for several days. The risks associated with these practices are open for debate. Lots of people experience no side effects from extermination techniques, yet others simply cannot tolerate the fumes or residue.

Business owners face further challenges when it comes to maintaining safe conditions. Using dangerous chemicals leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits from sensitive consumers as well as employees. There’s no need to risk costly litigation unless it’s absolutely necessary. Another concern lies in the edible inventory. You cannot expose food items to toxic sprays for obvious reasons. You may end up throwing away valuable products and paying to replace them. This expense becomes a burden when the there’s no sales revenue coming in and you’re fitting the bill for pest removal. Try to stay on top of the matter so that things don’t get out of control. There are plenty of non-toxic alternatives capable of fixing minor outbreaks. Natural products get rid of bugs, but they won’t make anyone sick. Your local hardware store should carry these products on the appropriate aisle. Other options include making your own cleaning agents using readily available ingredients. If that doesn’t work, call an eco-friendly exterminator, such as Nature’s Balance, LLC. Make sure you’re dealing with someone who works in a commercial setting. Free consolations and estimates are desirable as well.

May 23, 2011

Local Business Goes Multinational

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Smoking Joe's Bar-Be-Que

The words “small business” and “multinational” usually don’t end up in the same sentence. Most of the time, “multinational” refers to a large corporation with global reach. When independent shop owners dream of expansion, they tend to envision a new store across town or in a neighboring city. Many would never think of venturing across state boundaries, much less the International Dateline. Still, economists predict that growth within emerging markets will surpass that of developed nations in the next couple of decades. To steer clear of dim prospects at home, savvy entrepreneurs are reaching out overseas.

Of course, these things don’t always occur as a result of careful planning. Joel Rozelle, owner of the Mid-Western B.B.Q. sensation Smoking Joe’s Bar-Be-Que, certainly didn’t anticipate working in Southeast Asia. His uniquely American dishes sound a bit unnatural on Indonesian tongues. But hearty food knows no nationality; his homespun dishes please Pacific Islanders and Kansas cattle ranchers alike. Rozelle says he feels quite comfortable in Indonesia although the whole global franchise venture stems from mere happenstance. A traveling businessman and his wife stopped by for dinner one night. Joe’s savory meats left the couple wanting more, so they returned to the restaurant several times. The man started asking questions, which got Joe thinking about the future.

Seasoned investors are already jumping on this bandwagon. There’s no reason other forward thinking folks can’t learn from Joel’s example. His success demonstrates the key to these endeavors: filling a void. Quality American B.B.Q. joints are pretty hard to come by in some corners of the earth. That doesn’t mean that the natives possess no appreciation for ribs or cole slaw. They just don’t know what they’re missing…yet. Rozell’s industrious spirit serves as an example to others contemplating their next career move. Sluggish sales in a particular geographic area shouldn’t deter companies from thinking outside of national borders. Staying close to home probably sounds comforting, but it might not be the best decision. There’s no need to rush into anything—just keep an open mind. When scouting out potentially lucrative foreign locations, search for a business friendly environment. Low taxes as well as barriers to entry attract capital for obvious reasons. Political stability signifies a worthwhile enterprise along with a robust, inexpensive labor pool. Relatively high levels of education or disposable income raise red flags as well. Pay attention to these details and you may find yourself with a lot of food of thought.

May 20, 2011

LocalPAGES Small Business of the Week Winner: Performance Guitar!

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The LocalPAGES team is pleased to announce our latest Business of the Week winner, Performance Guitar, located at 3621 Cahuenga Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90068. The guitar shop is well known within the entertainment industry and has specialized in building custom models for the likes of Steve Vai, Joe Walsh, and Frank Zappa since 1976. Performance Guitar has earned its solid reputation because of its spectacular attention to detail, quick turnaround, and diversified services. Besides building top-notch custom guitars and basses, the company also offers guitar, amp, and effects repair, as well as set-up and re-fretting.

Performance Guitar’s commitment to fine craftsmanship is not incidental. Kunio Sugai, former technical adviser to Fender, put this wheel in motion in the middle part of the 1970’s when he founded the company. Endorsements and praise from top names in the music industry validate that this same dedication still drives the company to this day. One peak inside the custom shop will provide insight into how detailed an operation, and how skilled a profession this in fact is. Although custom-built guitars and basses are the house specialty, guitars players of all stripes will find their repair services second to none as well.

Founder Kunio Sugai points to the Japanese tradition of a strong work ethic, which relies on quality and consistency when speaking of the level of commitment and meticulous attention to detail that is put into the construction and care of each instrument that enters the shop. Once an order is placed, work begins right away, and the process is not complete until the customer is 100% satisfied. This is a result that has become quite commonplace around Performance Guitar. And this is about the only aspect of this stellar business that can be said to be commonplace. Give them a call at 323-883-0781 between the hours of noon and 7 PM P.S.T. to set up an appointment or otherwise discuss your individual needs.

May 18, 2011

The Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Small business owners experience the same medical issues as other folks during the aging process. Men and women both undergo hormone changes at various times in their lives, and some may be adversely affected in a number of ways. Women are especially vulnerable to these fluctuating hormones as a result of the monthly menstrual cycle. In fact, lots of women attribute serious underlying issues to ordinary PMS. Though this term describes common signs of an impending period, many ignore the signs of a more serious condition because of stereotypes regarding normal female behavior.

Women in need of hormone replacement therapy often cope with a wide range of fairly vague symptoms. The precise set depends upon the hormones they are lacking. Those in need of estrogen often feel confused and depressed. Physical problems range from stretchy skin to brittle bones and poor eyesight. Though these do not sound life threatening, not having enough estrogen leaves a woman at risk for developing osteoporosis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and several different types of cancer. Testosterone is primarily a male hormone, but women have smaller amounts of this hormone as well. When this amount starts to decline, they usually start gaining weight no matter how much they exercise. They feel lethargic and weak despite undergoing strength training. Emotionally, they appear to be on a roller coaster. They get angry, frustrated, anxious, and sad. Their moods tend to fluctuate at an abnormally high rate.

Men start to lose testosterone when they get older, too. There’s a little known medical term for the male equivalent of menopause known as andropause. This specifically refers to a decline in testosterone levels. Men are generally less open to discussing their emotional symptoms than women. They may feel moody, confused, and unmotivated. The decrease in sexual desire motivates them to seek professional help. Patients over age 30 who fit these descriptions should discuss hormone replacement therapy with a qualified medical professional. Some physicians actually specialize in this field, such as those associated with Scottsdale Bioidentical Hormones. Not all doctors are open to these procedures, so don’t let an initial negative reaction discourage you from getting the help you need. Rest assured that these procedures represent cutting edge medical science. Though some have yet to embrace this life saving treatment course, countless testimonials illustrate its effectiveness.

Construction Industry Vehicles

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Small business owners working in construction, home improvement, plumbing, and heating/air conditioning repair to name a few applicable industries need to purchase sturdy vehicles. It’s very hard to find dependable trucks that get decent gas mileage, and certain manufacturers are definitely better than others. For instance, visit your friendly neighborhood Dodge dealership and you’ll discover a wide range of superior automobiles. Their level of fuel efficiency depends upon several factors ranging from size to model year. You might want to consider an establishment that offers both new and previously owned vehicles because used cars may be better suited to your budget.

Construction services will want to check out the truck lineup first and foremost. Trucks are preferable to regular cars because they carry substantial amounts of heavy equipment. A truck will be able to take a beating on a job site without showing any visible wear and tear. There’s plenty of room in the bed for tools, coolers, safety gear, and other supplies. If you need extra space, check out the Dodge Ram 3500 or 4500. These bad boys are built with hard labor in mind. Later models feature large cabs capable of transporting several adults comfortably, which means you won’t have to worry about getting the crew somewhere in multiple vehicles. This reduces the risk of anyone getting lost or arriving late to a work site.

The best dealerships offer full service repairs in addition to sales. They should also be able to replace parts for you as needed. This kind of set up is relatively rare these days, but it’s worth searching for because that way you’ll avoid looking for a qualified mechanic in the future. Unless you’ve planted a money tree in your backyard, you ought to do business with a place that presents lots of financing opportunities. This is particularly important when you’re trying to purchase several company vehicles. You may be able to explore payment plans online at your convenience without having to go into the dealership. State of the art lots, such as Herbee Dodge Chrysler Jeep give you the ability to conduct credit inquiries through their websites. This exciting tool helps you browse listings within your price range from the get go. The days of smooth talking salesmen are officially over!

Choosing the Right Roofing Materials

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metal roofing

Small business owners who aren’t renting office space get to make decisions that would otherwise go through a property management company. This affords them the opportunity to explore a variety of construction options. These may sound inconsequential, but they make a big impact on the temperature inside the building. As such, the right modifications may end up lowering your heating bill in the winter or decreasing your energy usage during the summer. When you’re ready to invest in this type of construction, consult local roofing specialists about these matters.

Metal roofing probably doesn’t sound very attractive, but it works well for those within certain industries. As long as you’re not running a law office, independent accounting firm, or other white collar company, a metal roof might be exactly what you’re looking for. When most people think of a metal roof, they picture plain silver aluminum, but this fails to capture the wide assortment of colors as well as materials. For instance, some steel panels are adorned with decorative stone for an eye-catching appearance. Special energy saver designs present a budget friendly conservation solution that’s also environmentally friendly. Home owners switching to certain types of metal roofing may be eligible for Stimulus tax credits, so it would be worthwhile to alter your home along with your business. Those who stick to traditional options should at least utilize radiant barrier technology. This unique spray on substance blocks about 75% of the sun’s rays, which prevents overheating in the sweltering summer months. Some express concerns that this shielding mechanism will leave them vulnerable once the temperature drops. Scant sunlight obviously lowers temperatures indoors and out, yet the radiate barrier maintains warmer temperatures despite the frigid weather. The barrier stops the heat from escaping from the building and forces it to bounce back onto the walls. Attics provide the ideal location for these types of additions, though such space isn’t mandatory.

Naturally, roofing needs often entail repairs and routine maintenance. A complete makeover isn’t necessary to fix a small leak or patch up a hole. The good news is that select companies handle the small jobs as well as large projects. Every small business owner should find an expert roofing company, such as Dorseys Unlimited Construction to meet all of their needs.

Working with Employment Agencies

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temporary employment agencies

Small businesses often find themselves understaffed. Hiring a replacement for a former employee or finding the right candidate for a new position takes a lot of time. It’s very difficult to accomplish this task when you’ve got a company to run. There’s also the chance that you’ll go through the entire process only to end up with someone who doesn’t work out. That’s a waste of time and a loss of revenue. Sometimes you don’t need to take on another permanent employee; interviewing applicants for seasonal or temporary jobs presents a big hassle. It’s hardly worth the effort to sort through a pile of resumes and conduct background checks in order to find someone during the busiest part of the year.

In these instances, you might want to team up with a labor organization or a temporary employment agency. There are plenty of nation companies that will be able to meet your staffing needs. For manual labor type jobs, such as construction, turn to Labor Ready. They service a wide variety of unskilled fields, including warehousing, retail, manufacturing, waste management, auto repair, and large scale event coordination. They have ample employees on hand, so they will be able to assist you on short notice. Rest assured that they thoroughly screen people for drugs, citizenship status, and behavioral issues upon request.

White collar positions often prove challenging because of the smaller labor pool. People with advanced qualifications usually search for stable positions as opposed to things of a non-permanent nature. This makes professional agencies extremely convenient for everyone involved. Workers don’t have to conduct exhaustive searches and employers needn’t jump through a lot of hoops to get the help they require. Local staffing companies, such as All Quality Labor, Inc., concentrate on specific industries; this particular business supplies staff members in accounting and other similar niches. Smaller agencies might not be able to come through in a pinch, so give them a chance to select a suitable individual. When you’re looking for a staffing provider, be sure to consult with those who have been operating long enough to have established an excellent reputation. Since All Quality opened its doors over a decade ago, you should be confident in their abilities. No one would be able to last that long without demonstrating desirable characteristics.

Weekly Contest Salutes Superior Small Businesses

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localpages logo

Winners Receive Well Deserved Publicity and Linking Opportunity

Localpages.com announces Small Business of the Week contest to support brick and mortar businesses nationwide. Featured companies showcased in promotional blog post and recognized with an official badge to decorate their websites.

Los Angeles, CA (PR WEB) May 18th, 2011 –– Small businesses face lingering doubts over an uncertain economic future, legislative setbacks, and lackluster lending. Many independent entrepreneurs feel frustrated and unappreciated as they attempt to weather the financial storm. They dream of expansion, yet their budgets don’t leave much room for advertising expenses. Thankfully, there’s a way for these hard working folks to gain some free exposure; LocalPAGES.com honors these types of companies through a special Business of the Week contest designed exclusively for local stores.

Consumers are encouraged to nominate their favorite neighborhood spots via the site’s Business of the Week consideration form. Alternatively, business owners may submit their own information for review. Winners are chosen based on testimonials and overall contribution to the surrounding community. Entrants with an established web presence get preferential treatment as a way of highlighting the benefits of internet marketing. Applicants without websites or social media accounts must demonstrate a compelling commitment to excellence in other areas.

Winners get a custom, professional blog post highlighting their information and accomplishments. The article generates an online buzz, which usually translates into increased sales. As an added bonus, those with websites earn the right to display an eye catching badge for SEO purposes. These types of links help businesses appear at the top of organic search listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The LocalPAGES team also spreads the good word through social media channels to reach even more potential customers. Business of the Week honoree Troy Young of Primal Aspects in Arlington, Texas raves, “LocalPAGES.com is a great place to promote and network your business in the community!”


For more information contact: Eric Barkey, VP of Business Development Phone: 877-48-LOCAL email: eric.barkey@localpages.com

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