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Pleasanton California

October, 23rd

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Pleasanton, CA - "ice cream frozen yogurt shops" search results

About Food & Dining

There is no better breakfast then a warm toasted bagel with cream cheese. Anyone who has been to a bagel shop understands that fresh bagels taste much better than the ones you can get from the supermarket. Bagel shops bake their bagels daily and use fresh ingredients. The bagel texture is even different from the typical supermarket bagel brands. When you purchase a bag of bagels from the store the outside texture of the bagel is soft, much like the inside. The bagel tastes sweeter and more like a sweet bread. When you purchase a bagel from a bagel shop the texture is completely different. The outside of the bagel is typically rougher and chewy. The inside is less sweet and tastes more like sourdough bread. When you toast the bagel you can enjoy the different textures in your mouth at the same time. The outside of the bagel will be crisp, while the inside remains soft. Bagel shops offer a variety of bagels. Sesame bagels taste like plain bagels except they have sesame seeds on the outside. These seeds give the bagel extra texture, but do not add too much flavor. If you are looking for something sweeter, try a cinnamon raison bagel. These bagels have swirls of cinnamon and pieces of raisons baked inside. The "everything bagel" has a variety of seeds and a bit of onion on the outside. When you visit a bagel shop you also get the advantage of selecting a type of cream cheese. There are a variety of flavors of cream cheese. Plain cream cheese has a sour taste. When you add other components the cream cheese tastes less like cheese and will make your bagel sweeter. Other cream cheese options include: strawberry and blueberry. Bagels can be very filling, but sometimes they just are not enough to fill you up. If you are really hungry you might want to put more on your bagel than just cream cheese. Bagel shops offer breakfast and pizza bagels. A breakfast bagel can be made by putting eggs, ham and cheese on top of a bagel. A pizza bagel is made by pouring marinara sauce and cheese on top of a bagel. Bagel shops will usually offer both cheese and pepperoni pizza bagels. These days' bagels are so popular that bagel shops even make sandwiches out of their bagels. They can make almost any sandwich by using a bagel instead of two pieces of sandwich bread. What is great about these sandwiches is that they are made fresh in front of you and they are filling.

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  • Jiffy Lube

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Bagel shops are very popular these days. When you do not have much time to eat, but are really hungry, a bagel can be a quick treat that will fill you up. If you are a huge fan of bagels you can even buy a bag of day old bagels for a cheap price at your local bagel shop. You can take these bagels home and use them to create wonderful recipes. Use them all week long for a quick breakfast. Make breakfast sandwiches that your children are sure to love. Put peanut butter and jelly on them and pack them in your child's lunchbox. If you do not have time to go out to lunch, cut up a bagel real quick and make yourself a filling sandwich. Bagels are a great item to bring to work for meetings or company potlucks. Everyone loves a bagel, so having them ready for coworkers in the morning will set a good mood for the day. Start your morning with a warm cup of coffee and a bagel from your favorite local bagel shop.

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