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Pleasanton California

December, 18th

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Pleasanton, CA - "online shopping" search results

About Online Shopping

Are you in need of a new toothbrush? How about a quart of oil for your car? Numerous years ago, there were multitudinous small five-and-dime stores that could easily fill this need expeditiously. The entire square footage of most of these small, local variety stores was approximately 1,500 square feet. However, a local variety store was just that: a store wherein an unbelievable variety of wares were marketed. Nevertheless, Baby Boomers grew from childhood familiar with the marketing techniques of local variety stores; if one needed a bottle of shampoo, a quick stop was all it took. Furthermore, consumers could find myriad wares within these merchants walls: artificial foliage, toys, candy, electronics, hardware, gardening tools, under garments, and minimal grocery items lined the walls. Furthermore, middle-aged to aged store clerks would follow potential customers around as they perused these local variety store wares. There were no computer-aided anti-theft chips placed in or on the merchandise as there are today. Fast forward to the 21st century; where super giant discount stores have edged out most of the orthodox local variety stores. This is unfortunate because local variety stores harbored an ambiance not conducive to large discount stores. It is ironic that there are many handicapped parking spaces for these super giant vendors, and wheelchair shopping carts are omnipresent, since a consumer must practically be in superb physiological condition just to enter to buy a common item such as duct tape. Local variety stores may have demanded a higher price for the same roll of duct tape, but it would usually come more easily: parking spaces were usually closer, the stores were smaller, and the checkout lines were shorter.

More on Variety Stores

The local variety stores of yesteryear were commonly owned by individuals and private proprietors who specifically catered to their clients needs. Furthermore, they purchased much of their inventory from local, domestic vendors who crafted wares with tender loving care. Hence, retail prices were usually higher, but quality typically followed. Todays large discount retailers purchase much of their inventory from foreign mass producers such as those found in China or Mexico. In the Midwest region of this country, todays consumer may visit the super discount chains that have edged out the local variety stores. Indoor and outdoor shopping malls have overpopulated to the point of attrition themselves, also taking a market share from local variety stores. Indeed, gone from yesteryear is the Mom and Pop Dime Store ambiance; in its place are more choices, technological upgrades, and expedited check out. The 21st century may never see the return of local variety stores with consumers access to all aforementioned superstores and internet options. Most likely, consumers will continue to evolve into a new era of shopping, as turning back is not likely an option. Perhaps e-shopping is an answer, if not a solution; myriad internet vendors may be the local variety stores of this century.

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