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Pleasanton California

October, 22nd

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Pleasanton, CA - "pharmacies" search results

About Pharmacies

It seems there are pharmacies on every corner these days. But what exactly should a local pharmacy be about? When trying to decide which pharmacy to go with the first thing is to make sure they take they type of insurance you have. Another thing a local pharmacy should have is a knowledgeable and helpful pharmacist and staff. The pharmacist should be up to date on all of the newest medications and should be able to answer any question you have about a medication. The staff should be up to date on certain insurance issues. A local pharmacy should also have someone who is knowledgeable about any and all recalls of any type of medication. And the local pharmacies should let you know either by calling you or writing you to inform you about any recalls of any medication you are taking. A local pharmacy does not have to be open 24 hours but should at least have an emergency phone number to get a hold of a pharmacist. Some people look for a local pharmacy that is small and has been in business for quite some time. Yet some people want a local pharmacy that is open 24 hours, has a drive through window, carries name brand items, and basically has it all in one store. Local pharmacies should always provide you with information on what the medication is you are to take, what the side effects are, how to take the medication, any drug interactions, and any allergy information.

More on Pharmacies

Your local pharmacy should be well aware of the other medications you are on so as to make sure there is no risk of any type of interaction with another drug. Your local pharmacy should have a history of every medication you have taken in the past. Always make sure you report any type of allergy or medication you cannot take to your local pharmacy. They should always keep this on file. This way your local pharmacy will know if you are given a drug in the same family as one you are allergic to. Some local pharmacies carry everything from makeup to grocery items. That is fine. However, a local pharmacys first priority is to provide their patients with the most up to date information and knowledge on their medications. Local pharmacies should always have not only a knowledgeable and informative staff but a courteous and friendly staff also. The last thing you want a local pharmacy to have is a rude staff. When you are sick a rude person is the last thing you want to deal with. A local pharmacy should always fill or refill your prescription in a timely manner. The longest you should have to wait on them to fill a medication is really 30 minutes. However, I know that a lot of them get behind. However, if you go into your local pharmacy for them to fill a medication and it is taking them longer than it should because they are talking about other things and goofing off, then you should make a complaint.

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