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Pleasanton California

October, 22nd

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Pleasanton, CA - "phone cards" search results

About Phone Cards

Local Phone Cards are an economic, easy, fun, and safe way to use a phone to make long distance calls without the hassles of dealing with a cranky phone company operator or hefty long distance phone call bills. The process of using Local Phone Cards is so simple and intuitive that a child could easily do it with little assistance from parents. They are also so inexpensive that anyone can afford them without having to submit to a regular payment to an account capable of long distance calls. One can find Local Phone Cards in gas stations, restrooms, travel plazas, bus stations, restaurants, convenience stores, airport lobbies, diners, next to payphones, souvenir shops, hotel and motel lobbies, water and amusement parks, and nearly any place where a phone is available and nearby. Although Local Phone Cards are disposable by nature, some art collectors appreciate them for their aesthetic value because they sometimes feature pop icon figures, popular brand names, or classic art to try and attract the eye. Known as telegery in the United States, the collection of Local Phone Cards has been a hobby since the 1970s. Considering their visual appeal and their innate convenience, its no wonder that Local Phone Cards are a favored choice of travelers. Local Phone Cards can be had for as little as five dollars per one hour of talking. These rates vary per company and are subject also to fees for making multiple phone calls and for calling distance destinations. These versatile tools can be bought for values of ten, twenty, fifty, or even one hundred dollars. With each successive value, the rate of usage versus the number of available minute changes; it pays to buy high-minute Local Phone Cards!

More on Phone Cards

Instructions are listed on the back of them, but its so simple to use Local Phone Cards that it almost seems silly that directions are even offered. The chain of events is simple and tends to be uniform across all vendors. First, choose a touch-tone, cellular, or pay phone. Next, dial the 800 number offered on the back of the card and wait for instructions to enter the PIN code found usually on the back, which insures that you alone will be using the card and no nefarious character will come along and leech off of your minutes. Then, dial the number you want to call. Its that simple! Most Local Phone Cards have a feature that alerts you when you are running low on usable minutes, and many offer the option of adding more minutes via credit card or check. These helpful, unobtrusive chimes come at the fifteen, the ten, or the five minute mark, and even with thirty seconds to spare so you can share critical information or just say goodbye. Even today, Local Phone Cards are a source of competition for phone company giants like Sprint and Verizon. They are cheaper, easier-to-use, and more portable than any modern cell phone. New advances in telecommunications technology will prove to be a boon to Local Phone Cards as they provide even greater opportunities for people in the coming century.

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