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Redding California

October, 24th

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Redding, CA - "acupuncture doctors" search results

About Acupuncture Doctors

Chances are if you live in a major U.S. city you see plenty of TCM shop fronts on the major streets and along the side streets of the ethnic Asian neighborhoods. For you it probably won't be too difficult to find and benefit from these wonderful practices. It's recommended that you try out a few different places until you find a person that you connect with and feel really good about. Stick with that person for a while and chances are you will realize dramatic benefits to your health along the way. Many suburban and rural locations also have TCM practitioners; looking for them near hospitals or community health clinics is a great idea as they often pop up here. Going online is also a great way to find Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors/practitioners in your area. Ask around as well, through word of mouth you may be able to find someone who's just perfect for you. What exactly is TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine? Well, it's simply a body of medical knowledge and methodologies that developed in ancient China and has continued on into the present. It is similar to and also radically different from western medicine, especially with regard to its extensive mapping of what it calls meridians or energy pathways. This type of medicine is enjoying a large resurgence today, especially in the U.S. and especially in urban areas; however, more and more acupuncture and acupressure services are also taking root in more rural communities throughout the country too. Why is it getting so popular? Well, because it just plain works, and in addition it addresses issues that modern medicine does not address so well, such as pain and stress. It does so with methodologies including traditional acupuncture & acupressure (intense localized massage therapy) and reflexology, along with more esoteric methods such as cupping and herbal preparations.

More on Acupuncture Doctors

What Exactly Is Reflexology? Reflexology is simply a fancy way to say massage of the feet. In TCM all the internal organ channels and meridians (pathways of energy) end up in the feet, so the feet are given special importance. A foot massage is said in influence all the organs and meridians of the body making it an efficient way to tune up the entire body. What about Back Pain? Back pain is treated especially well by acupuncture & acupressure massage and massage therapy. The spine has gazillions of sensitive nerve centers which are often compressed through poor posture and exacerbated by poor diet and inflammation. TCM soothes the back pain and helps to re-align the flow of chi or bio-electrical current which runs along the back channel and along the spine. Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Acupressure Are Quickly Becoming Invaluable Tools for Stress Management. Stress management is one of the biggest issues facing our American society today. With the breakdown of traditional social supports like the family and the community and the increased number of hours people are working away from family and friends stress is on the rise, on a dramatic rise. And, TCM and acupuncture & acupressure are a great line of defense against stress. In fact, you could say that these forms of medicine were almost tailor made to combat stress, whereas western medicine was constructed to treat illnesses only once they have become aggressively manifest in the body. So, don't be shy and don't sit on the sidelines any longer, a qualified and terrific TCM professional is out there just waiting to be discovered and you have all the information you need to go find them.

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