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Woodland Hills CA

March, 10th

Math Made Fun Online

Written by

Did you know that the Pyramids of Egypt, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was constructed using basic Math? The Egyptians made use of the Pythagorean Theorem, Trigonometry and Algebra to construct this wonder. Such a colossal achievement can make many people feel intimidated when it comes to Math. Before the teacher even begins the first lesson, some students already make the connection that “Math is hard - Math is boring - Math takes the fun out of the classroom.” Well that is just not true! Math is everywhere. It only becomes frustrating when you don't understand it. There are a lot of resources online that can help you discover this wonderful world. And there are games, too! Keep reading...

Hey Kids! Do you know that Mathematics could be your most important subject!

Before you even begin school, you already have a good grasp on numbers. Do you remember when your mom or dad encouraged you to count objects around the house. It was exciting when you could count higher and higher. From these moments until you finish college, Math will always be a part of your lessons, and part of your career beyond that. Rather than fight it, you can embrace it and have fun in the process. Keep reading, the games are coming...

Do you know that every job that you could have as an adult will use Math? Hair dresser use angles to cut hair and fractions to mix hair color. Waiters and Retail Personnel count money. Contractors use measurements, fractions, algebra, geometry... Contractors use a lot of Math! Computer Programmers who make video games and computer programs, also use Math; typically the kind of Math that students feel they will never use again. Can you think of how Math applies to other jobs?

What would life be without Mathematics?

Perfecting your Math skills can help you succeed as an adult. It keeps your mind sharp and can save you time and money. So don't reach for the calculator when a complicated Math problem comes your way. Get out a pencil and a scrap piece of paper and work it out. These are a few example of Math in every day applications.

1) Counting Area – For example, when your parents plan to buy you an bedroom set, you have to measure to make sure that everything is going to fit. You can even make a chart to decide how you are going to arrange everything.

 2) Determining the percentage – Percentages can be fun to learn. Lets say that your allowance is 10 dollars a week and you get a dollar raise. Your little brother also gets an allowance. He typically gets 8 dollars per week. However, he also gets a dollar raise. If you understand percentages, you could possibly convince your parents to increase your allowance even higher because you are getting a lower percentage as a raise. They might be impressed enough to actually do it!

 3) Fractions – Fractions can be very useful. If you are baking cookies, and want to double the recipe, you can easily figure out how much sugar to add. Or, if you only want to bake a few cookies, you can cut the recipe in half. More cookies equals more fun, however. Lets just double it!

4) Addition and Subtraction – Addition and Subtraction has infinite uses. Can you make a list of how many times you have used either today?

5) Geometry – You can use Geometry when you hang posters and picture frames on your bedroom wall.

Let’s Make Math Easy!

Math isn't hard, it can be easy if you practice. You can have your teacher or parents help you to develop a strategy that you can use every day. Here are 3 steps to make Math easy:

1) Try to find Mathematical Applications to your everyday life. Try this to practice division: Your parents will give you an ice cream birthday party. They are ordering 2 gallons of ice cream and 5 dozens cookies. Fifteen of your classmates are coming over. Supposing each will consume 3 cones of ice creams and 5 cookies; will your ice cream and cookies be enough? Division is needed here.

2) Develop your skills. Look for examples of Math being used throughout your day. Did you solve the problem correctly? If you didn't, talk to your parents or your teacher and have them explain how to do it. So next time, you will have the right answer. You can even keep a journal of Math examples.

3) Create Flashcard Wars – Challenge your friends or siblings. You can have your parents design the cards or you can do it on your own. You can organize the game any way that you want. Just make sure that everyone understands the rules before you start playing. Maybe you can convince your parents to give a prize to the winner.


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