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Clearwater Florida

October, 24th

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Clearwater, FL - "korean restaurants" search results

About Korean Restaurants

The local Korean Restaurants can be traced back into history a long ways, to both myths and historical legend from Nomadic traditions in northern Korea and southern Manshuri. Not the same type of food over the entire area, Korean food varies by province, both in dishes and ingredients. Overall, the local Korean Restaurants offer a cuisine based on meat, vegetables, tofu, noodles and rice. With steamed short-grained rice as the main staple, each traditional meal is noted for its number of banchan (side dishes) which accompany the rice. However, every Korean meal offers Kimchi, a spicy pickled vegetable dish such as chard, with various spices that is also a common ingredient added to many other ingredients to make a Kimchi stew. The seasonings of the Korean meals consist of red chili paste, salt, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, fermented soybean paste, and soy sauce. Many Korean eateries make the popular hotteok or bungeoppang that customers purchase to eat there or wrap them up to take home to later on. Hotteok is a Korean filled pancake, with the dough made from wheat flour, water, milk, sugar and yeast after raising, they are filled with brown sugar, honey, shopped peanuts and cinnamon which is then cooked on a greased griddle. Bungeoppang is a Japanese fish-shaped pastry, made similar to a waffle. Red bean paste is added into the fish mold and covered by more batter. Once it is closed, it is roasted like a piece of "fish bread." It was first introduced into Korea in 1930 when the Japanese occupied Korea. Another type of Korean pancake served is the Jeon, made with chopped kimchi or seafood chopped up and added into a wheat batter before pan frying it. It is then dipped into a bowl of soy sauce, vinegar and red pepper powder.

  • Fritz's Restaurants

    1724 N Fort Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL 33755

    (727) 443-6132

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  • Al&l Restaurants Llc

    1595 S Missouri Ave, Clearwater, FL 33756

    (727) 442-7905

    Write a review
  • Duff's Restaurants Inc

    1451 Missouri Ave N, Largo, FL 33770

    (727) 585-2695

    Write a review
  • McDonald's Restaurants

    1590 S Missouri Ave, Clearwater, FL 33756

    (727) 584-3122

    Write a review
  • Greek Island Restaurants

    1501 Clearwater Largo Rd, Largo, FL 33770

    (727) 581-1767

    Write a review
  • Quiznos Sandwich Restaurants

    441 Chestnut St, Clearwater, FL 33756

    (727) 443-5986

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  • McDonald's Restaurants

    539 S Missouri Ave, Clearwater, FL 33756

    (727) 442-2887

    Write a review
  • McDonald's Restaurants

    5464 66th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33709

    (727) 544-5381

    Write a review
  • New China Restaurants

    11928 Seminole Blvd, Largo, FL 33778

    (727) 585-7022

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  • Quiznos Sandwich Restaurants

    1275 Grant St, Clearwater, FL 33756

    (727) 443-5986

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  • Sweet Divas Chocolates

    400 Beach Dr, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

    (727) 379-4567

    Write a review
  • My Yogurt Cafe

    234 Beach Dr, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

    (727) 822-4842

    Write a review
  • El Metate Mexican Grill

    111 2nd Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

    (727) 827-2931

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  • Pirbg LLC

    300 Beach Dr, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

    (727) 498-8978

    Write a review
  • Asian Bistro

    10061 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33615

    (813) 443-5230

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  • La Kimbo

    9612 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33626

    (813) 926-2566

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  • Pita's Republic

    9658 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33626

    (813) 749-0870

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  • Buona Vita

    330 1st Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

    (727) 823-2100

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  • Green Chili Indian Bistro

    310 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

    (727) 898-2783

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More on Korean Restaurants

The local Korean Restaurants vary by geographical areas, but they all promote health and vitality with their food staples. Due to the seafood, cabbage, beef and vegetable diets, Korean culinary is low in calories and rich in nutrition, while boldly seasoned with hot and flavorful spices. Many of the local Korean Restaurants do not speak English, so it would be best to have some form of translator with your or a written guide to communicate. Korean food is not served as other restaurants in courses, but is placed on the table all at once. The only way to decide what to eat first is simply by preference, as there is no order. Everyone at the table shares the main course or other communal dishes, while individual bowls of soup are placed in front of their diner. Rice is always an option to eat with whatever the diner decides on. Main dishes with Korean foods are rice, soup, kimchi and several side dishes. Spoons are used for rice and soup, while wooden or metal chopsticks are used for side dishes and the main course. Rules of etiquette require the eldest to always begin eating first and to never stir the rice or soup. Never leave the utensils in the bowl of rice as it symbolizes their use by the dead. Knives are never used at the table, only in food preparation. Foods, even desserts or fresh fruits, should never by picked up when eating. Also, the traditional local Korean Restaurants discourage conversing at the table until the meal is over. They also frown on blowing your nose when eating or if anyone is at the table. Also, diners must remain at the table until the last person has finished eating. To eat at a Korean diner is to partake in the old world, and worth every minute of it!

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