About Fort Myers

One of the many great destinations in South West Florida, Fort Myers has an abundance of history. Located on the mouth of the beautiful Caloosahatchee River, Fort Myers is a premier destination for vacationers as well as northerners to find their winter homes. As you can see in the Fort Myers, Florida yellow pages, the town of once just 350 residents has now grown to almost 70,000. Like every town in the world Fort Myers, Florida has an amazing history.

In 1885, Fort Myers, Florida was established. It soon became the winter home of the famous Thomas Edison. Shortly after his arrival in Fort Myers, Florida Edison began work on his laboratory where he was going to work on goldenrod rubber. Edison began spending more time at his winter home in Fort Myers, Florida. In the 1920s the Tamiami Trail opened connecting Fort Myers to Tampa and Miami, thus creating more growth opportunities. To this day, each year on February 11th for two weeks Edison's light burns during the Edison Festival of Light. Many business join in this celebration with the Grand Parade of Light. As you can see in the Fort Myers, Florida business directory, the city has grown with many companies and family owned business that participate in the festival.

In 1921, the Tarpon Springs hurricane and in 1926 The Great Miami hurricane devastated the Florida boom. Fort Myers, along with every other city in the world, was affected during the Great Depression. Even though the world was in the Depression, Fort Myers managed to make some progress on some of their more advanced and yet timeless buildings.The climate in Fort Myers, Florida is just about always at the perfect temperature. It does not get a bunch of rain through out the year. On average, it gets just 53 inches a year. It is the perfect place for just about everything. If you are planning a move or just a vacation there is an abundance of things to do as you can see in the Fort Myers, Florida business directory and the Fort Myers, Florida yellow pages, from restaurants, night clubs, bars, and plenty of sight seeing.

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