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Jacksonville Florida

October, 27th

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Jacksonville, FL - "Transportation" search results

About Transportation

When it comes to Local Transportation Services, there is a variety to choose from, depending on your needs. Possibilities include local and long distance mass transit services, taxis, and rental services. If you are seeking a mass-transit service for vacation or extended travel, there are a number of choices depending on how quick you want to get to your destination, how much you want to spend, and the accommodations you wish for along the way. Local Transportation Services offer airplane travel as typically the fastest way to get to your destination and in some cases the only possible way, but it is usually the most costly too. Airplane travel can be less accommodating than other forms of travel in terms of space, food, and what you can bring. They generally offer some form of shuttle service to or from the airport or to other locations at the airport. Another mass-transit option for extended travel offered through Local Transportation Services is train service. This can be a great way to see the country while on vacation and allow you to save money over the cost of airplane travel. Train travel can provide advantages over other forms of vacation travel too. It may provide more space than plane or bus travel, on board entertainment, sleeping accommodations, and even possibly bringing a bicycle on board. If you need Local Transportation Services for a work commute, trains can provide a quicker and easier way to get to major cities and avoid the commuter gridlock, as well as possibly allow a later wake up time.

  • Barrs Transportation

    10695 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida, 32246

    (904) 642-1662 Write a review
  • Matson America Transportation

    1409 Kingsley Ave, Orange Park, FL 32073

    (904) 215-7355

    Write a review
  • Star Intermodal Transportation Inc

    291 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, FL 32073

    (904) 264-4221

    Write a review
  • Southeast Transportation Systems

    9985 Pritchard Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32219

    (904) 378-4770

    Write a review
  • Pinner Transportation Inc

    4225 James E Casey Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32219

    (904) 695-0276

    Write a review
  • Jacksonville Transportation Authority

    4225 James E Casey Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32219

    (904) 630-3110

    Write a review
  • Gem Transportation Services Inc

    8537 Posey Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32220

    (904) 786-1676

    Write a review
  • Johanson Transportation Service

    1726 Kingsley Ave, Orange Park, FL 32073

    (904) 215-9978

    Write a review
  • Trinity Transportation Services

    1213 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, FL 32065

    (904) 272-7797

    Write a review

More on Transportation Services

Other Local Transportation Services that provide mass-transit for work commuters are buses, which allow one to save money in fuel, parking fees, and vehicle maintenance. Subways are another form of mass transit provided by Local Transportation Services that allow quicker commutes. Bus travel is another way to see the country as well as get to work, and there are charter lines that follow specific routes as well as major lines that cover more destinations. Bus travel can provide a cost savings over plane or train travel if you do not mind giving up some creature comforts provided with train travel and possibly having to take longer to get to your destination. Of course if you are set on traveling alone or with only friends or family, Local Transportation Services offer car, van, and truck rental. If you need to transport something large, like a boat or airplane, Local Transportation Services can provide tractors for rent if you have the appropriate class of commercial license. Another possibility while traveling cross country that Local Transportation Services can provide for is the rental of an RV or camper. These allow one to bring with them the comforts of home and, unlike motel stay, allow you to stop whenever you want and for as long you want. Besides all of the above, there are taxis, limos, and shuttle services for the elderly. Depending on your needs for Local Transportation Services, there are a variety of choices.

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