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Chicago Illinois

September, 25th

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Chicago, IL - "lumber dealers" search results

About Lumber Dealers

This is a time of do-it-yourself, build it yourself projects. It saves money and instills a sense of pride in workmanship. For every home project you complete you have learned what it takes to provide the best for yourself and for your family. Local lumber dealers are in just about every city, town and surrounding countryside. Not only do they provide lumber but many will help you decide the best product for your needs and advise on how to construct your project in the most frugal way. Local lumber dealers will also advise you which lumber is best for your personal project from home repair to furniture creations. You have several choices for each project but there are standards for basic projects in each category. If you considering building your own home or adding a room to your existing home you will need to use Douglas Fir or Fir Larch for your interior beams and post. This is your support system and very important. It will support well and last for many years without further repair or replacement. If you are adding flooring to a new home you will need to consider using press board or particle board for the base. It is inexpensive and strong enough to hold just about anything you want to put in your home. Once it is in place you can cover it with any style of flooring from carpeting to tile. For a roof your local lumber dealers will advise wafer board. It is the base for your roof over which you lay your shingles. If you lose shingles in a storm, the wafer board will hold and you can just replace the shingles that have been torn off.

  • Anthony E Blumberg & Assoc

    20 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60603

    (312) 368-8668

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  • U S Plastic Lumber

    2600 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60608

    (312) 491-2500

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  • Maloney Lumber & Plywood Co

    2325 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608

    (312) 666-1010

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  • Lumber Street Supply Co

    2129 S Lumber St, Chicago, IL 60616

    (312) 850-6430

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  • Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Organizing Ofc

    1340 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607

    (312) 421-6551

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  • Zenith Administrators Plumber & Pipefitters 211

    541 N Fairbanks Ct, Chicago, IL 60611

    (312) 321-0777

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  • Modern General Lumber

    Chicago, Chicago, IL 60628

    (773) 276-2626

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  • National Association of Securities Dealers Inc

    55 W Mnr St, Chicago, IL 60603

    (312) 899-4400

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More on Lumber Dealers

If you would like to build your own outdoor deck your local lumber dealers will advise you to consider a pressure treated Redwood or Cedar. Cedar will give you a light color decking and contrast beautifully with almost any style house. Redwood will give you a darker red wood color and is most often associated with mountain living and outdoor life in general. For your fence building project, be sure to take correct measurements and purchase all lumber at the same time or special order it so you can have a uniform color. Your local lumber dealers will advise the best wood for this project is going to be pressure treated Cedar. It will be weather resistant, bug resistant and will not grow mold in the wetter climates. Pressure treated lumber is lumber that has had a special chemical pressurized into the wood so it is resistant to bugs, mold and most weather condition. If you dont use pressure treated lumber you will eventually have to contend with support posts rotting at ground level. Your fence will begin to lose strength and the first storm of the season will leave it lying on the ground. Local lumber dealers also provide wood for flooring and furniture building. Follow the same rules as above for outside furniture. For indoor furniture you have a large range of choices. Everything from Redwood, Hickory, Pine, Oak and now even Bamboo. If you local lumber dealers do not carry the type of wood you are looking for they are more than happy to special order it for you. Consider a good wood for cabinets in kitchens and bathroom for a warm, home look. Wood gives a home its beauty in every shade and color you can imagine. It is a natural product and when cut and polished the right way there is nothing to compare. So check out your local lumber dealers before you start any project and consider their products for inexpensive, long lasting beauty.

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