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Chicago Illinois

March, 27th

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Chicago, IL - "police departments" search results

About Police Departments

Local Police Departments exist solely to preserve order in communities, enforce laws and derivative regulations, and to protect the private property of their respective constituencies. Local Police Departments are necessary to a well-functioning government as they act as the actual enforcement of the legislative decrees set forth by lawmakers and policy gurus. When an issue arises, people can safely rely on the efforts of their Local Police Departments to prevent a bad situation from becoming a worse one. This damage control wouldn't be as instantaneous or effective if conducted by federal or state agencies; these fine groups are the key to instant and total control of situations gone awry. Local Police Departments rely on often scarce state and city funding. The officers under just about any local jurisdiction need training in areas and fields such as less-than-lethal methods of submission in suspects, counter sniper operations, police leadership, management and administration in a law enforcement setting, conflict de-escalation and conflict resolution, marksmanship with weapons ranging from the simple baton to as complex as the M4 semi-automatic assault rifle, basic computer use, bilingual/colloquial Spanish studies, traffic laws and regulation enforcement, defense driving, hand-to-hand combative, and many others. Additionally, officers in Local Police Departments require a vast array of special equipment. They need uniforms of a proper fit, duty belts that can contain their various tools, handcuffs and flexi cuffs, pepper spray and tazers, flashlights, radios, keys, extra magazines, and their service weapon. Furthermore, they need tactical assault vests, breeching tools, battering rams, CS gas canisters, flashbangs, chemlight signal sticks, and mirrors for looking around corners in hostile situations.

  • Chicago Police Dept Domestic Violence

    1301 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60607

    (312) 559-1024

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  • African American Police League

    1403 E 75th St, Chicago, IL 60619

    (773) 256-2275

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  • Chicagoland PC Police Computer Services

    7427 S Yates Blvd, Chicago, IL 60649

    (773) 375-9500

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  • Service Police Ltd

    3442 N Hoyne Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

    (773) 281-8318

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  • Chicago Police Sergeants Assoc

    1616 W Pershing Rd, Chicago, IL 60609

    (773) 376-7272

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  • Chicago Police Marine Unit

    1616 W Pershing Rd, Chicago, IL 60609

    (312) 742-3203

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  • Sheriff's Police Sexual Offender Enforcement Unit

    1616 W Pershing Rd, Chicago, IL 60609

    (708) 367-5437

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  • Metro Police & Fire

    7913 Narragansett Ave, Burbank, IL 60459

    (708) 599-7327

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  • Police Dept-To Call the Police

    7913 Narragansett Ave, Burbank, IL 60459

    (708) 924-7300

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  • Police-Tronics

    5535 W 110th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453

    (708) 425-5026

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  • Ankin Law Office

    162 W. Grand Avenue , Chicago, IL 60654

    (312) 346-8780

    Call Today

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More on Police Departments

Depending on the scenario, even Local Police Departments can find it necessary to employ top-end assault weaponry like the MP5 machine pistol, or the Benelli twelve gauge shotgun. Also, Local Police Departments may also find it prudent or necessary to develop and employ a K9 unit, which consists of drug dogs. These animals are used to sniff out narcotics, and need frequent refresher training and excellent living conditions to function at their prime. This all comes at a heft cost, and some citizens are leery of the tax increases they may face as a result of their beefed-up Local Police Departments. Lack of support is perhaps the greatest cause to the undermining of the effectiveness of Local Police Departments. Luckily, organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Police exist to combat the trend of flagging support. By bake sales, car washes, and other easily-employable methods of fund raising, Local Police Departments can raise revenue and drum up support for their interests and cause without straining the local budget beyond necessity. The road to becoming a part of the team at Local Police Departments is a long one, fraught with lots of physical, mental, and academic challenges. Moral fortitude, a good background in physical education and martial arts and a strong sense of purpose can bridge the gap between working as a citizen and serving as an officer of any of this nation's fine Local Police Departments.

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