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Cicero Illinois

July, 30th

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Cicero, IL - "insurance" search results

About Insurance

You need insurance to protect yourself and to protect the investments that you make. It's fairly easy to see why this qualifies as a necessary expense. After making a large purchase, such as a car, boat, or home, you will need to get an insurance policy that covers the purchase you made. If you finance any of these purchases the lender will require that you obtain a policy that names them as the lien holder. This guarantees that in the event that your home burns down, your vehicle is stole or is in an accident, the lien holder will be paid for the balance that is due on the loan. It will also cover damages that may occur to your home or vehicle. For example, if you are in a car accident, your insurance company will pay to have your car repaired. If you happen to have damage to your home from a wind storm, the insurance company pays to have the repairs completed.

  • Allstate Insurance

    2240 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616

    (312) 225-6400

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  • Allstate Insurance Companies

    2240 S Michigan Ave Ste 203, Chicago, IL 60616

    (312) 225-6400

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  • State Farm Insurance Companies

    3430 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616

    (312) 567-0276

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  • Malone Derrick Insurance Agency Inc

    3430 S King Dr Ste 1S, Chicago, IL 60616

    (312) 567-0276

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  • State Farm Insurance Companies

    25 Washingtown, Chicago, IL 60602

    (312) 236-5222

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More on Insurance

Another form of insurance is health insurance. You can usually obtain this type of insurance through your employer. Most companies will offer you health benefits if you are a full time employee and if you have worked there for more than ninety days. Each employer will have different cost for their health benefits, but you can typically insure yourself for anywhere from one hundred dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars per month. You can have your premiums deducted from your paycheck weekly or bi-weekly. Your employer will also give you a description of your health insurance plan that will explain exactly what your benefits are and what your responsibilities are. You will have to pay a co-pay to see doctors, which is usually between twenty and fifty dollars, and co-pays for medication. Your medication co-pay will usually be around ten dollars per medication. You will also have a yearly deductible. A deductible is a pre-determined amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket before the insurance company will pay for any services rendered. For example, if you have a thousand dollar deductible, then you will have to pay one thousand dollars of out of pocket expenses before your insurance company will pay for your doctor or hospital bill. There really is no way around it; you always need insurance in order to protect your investments and your health.

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