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Springfield Illinois

June, 28th

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Springfield, IL - "blood banks" search results

About Blood Banks

Your local blood banks depend on healthy people to donate blood. They are there for people in an emergency or have been in a casualty situation. Regularly donating blood to local blood banks is very important and noble things for each and every one of us to do. Its a very important responsibility of everyone, so if you arent able to give a financial donation to local blood banks, then donating blood is appreciated. Most hospitals local blood banks will perform the testing to determine the blood type of patients in order to give medical treatment to them. This will be used for blood transfusions and to be able to do what they need to identify compatible blood products. Sometimes instead of the hospital local blood banks providing this service, this will be done by contracted laboratory or collecting agency. Local blood banks are always accepting blood and open to contributions from people who are healthy. Which blood banks are always in need of people donating blood? It seems like in the summer months local blood banks are in higher demand of donations. The cause of this is may be the more people out and about, the more risk of accidents. People participating in risky behavior for example: water skiing, biking, climbing, and other activities which are in high risk of injury. And mass casualty calls for more demand on the need of blood. This can overwhelm the local hospital, emergency room and the local blood banks. Individuals, who have donated blood in the past, are encouraged to routinely donate so the supply of blood can stay consistent.

  • Blood Sudi-Re/Max Professional

    2475 W Monroe St, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 652-9696

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  • CJ Banks

    White Oaks Mall
    2501 Wabash Avenue Suite A-01, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 698-5020

    RED TAG SALE styles starting at $14.99!

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  • Christopher & Banks

    White Oaks Mall
    2501 Wabash Avenue Suite A03A, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 726-5530

    RED TAG SALE styles starting at $14.99!

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  • Bloodshot Bloody Mary Mix the

    710 S 2nd St, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 544-9898

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  • Central Illinois Community Blood Bank

    1134 S 7th St, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 753-1530

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  • Independent Bankers Bank-Springfield The

    2151 W White Oaks Dr, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 726-7030

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  • Aaron Wagner Independent Agency

    1118 S 6th St, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 679-1550

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  • Sangamon Schools Credit Union

    1124 Centre West Dr, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 241-9781

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  • Fscu

    915 S Durkin Dr, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 546-5480

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  • West Central Bank

    979 Clock Tower Dr, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 726-9600

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  • Edward Jones

    965 Clock Tower Dr, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 546-5276

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  • Primerica Financial Services Gaston National

    2815 Old Jacksonville Rd, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 698-5050

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  • Advantage Financial Planning LLC

    1204 S Spring St, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 525-8380

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  • Lakner Financial Services

    941 Clock Tower Dr, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 698-6469

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  • American Central Bancorp

    1001 S Durkin Dr, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 953-4850

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More on Blood Banks

It also is very common for local blood banks to hold blood drives periodically to keep the demand for blood high. It is also important for people donating blood at your local blood banks, to know your blood type. Rare blood types are always in demand because these are the types that are somewhat hard to find at times. The local blood banks like the blood type O negative, because this blood type can be used on a person with any other blood type. The downfall to this is the person who has the blood type o negative cant receive blood from any other source other than O negative. It is each and every one of us to have responsibility to help the local blood banks keep their supply of blood high, so we can aid the ones who need it. When casualties happen, the demand is high, and having the blood that we need saves lives and gives everybody a fighting chance. And in an emergency situation, being prepared and ready for disaster, local blood banks having an adequate supply is very important. When donations of blood come in, the blood is tested for types of viruses, including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), syphilis, West Nile virus, and Hepatitis B and C. Local blood banks want everyone to get the best possible care available and one of its responsibilities is to make sure the blood that is to be donated is healthy so lives can be saved.

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