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Springfield Illinois

April, 26th

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Springfield, IL - "food" search results

About Food

America has become obsessed with fast food and takeout restaurants. As technology has progressed and sped up daily functions, Americans have become accustomed to efficiency and saving time. Why sit at a restaurant and wait on a server to bring you your food when you can save time by ordering ahead of time? Your food will be ready for you when you arrive and you would have saved yourself anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. In this economy ordering from fast food restaurants saves consumers a bundle, especially when you factor in value menus and the money saved on tipping. Ordering take out from your favorite restaurant also saves you money because you do not have to tip a server. Ordering fast food and takeout saves you both time and money. So what is the downside? Why are so many people against fast food? The complaints usually stem from problems with nutrition. Most fast food menus consist of greasy, fried, high fat and sugar items. These items can pack on the pounds quickly. Many nutritionists blame our obesity problem with America's love for fast food. When you consider the fast food options, there are not many health food chains that offer fast food. There a variety of sandwich shops sprinkled throughout your neighborhood, and although they do prepare your sandwich rather quickly, they do not provide drive-thru windows. This slows consumers down and may persuade them to opt for the burger instead of the sandwich. The good news is that many fast food restaurants have heard the complaints and have been pressured into offering healthier options on their menus. Local fast food restaurants have especially targeted kid's meals when it comes to enforcing good nutrition. Instead of getting fries with a kid's meal, your child can chose to get sliced apples, raisons, or yogurt. Instead of ordering a soda full of chemicals and sugar, your child can order milk or juice with their kid's meal. For adults looking to cut out calories, the list of salad options has grown at fast food restaurants. Now you can enjoy a gourmet salad at your local fast food joint. Chinese Chicken salads and Cesar salads are always popular choices. Most fast food restaurants also carry low fat dressing options. Fast food restaurants have also taken a helpful step by totaling the amount of calories in your food and posting the result on the food item. This way you can see accurately calculate your caloric intake. If you do not like any of the items on the new healthy menu, you can always adjust your order to bring that calorie count down. If you enjoy a big burger, but want to save on some calories you can try ordering it without that special sauce and without cheese. By cutting cheese and heavy sauces from your meal you can save hundreds of calories. Some fast food chains allow you to order your burgers without a bun. The burger is wrapped in lettuce instead of bread, saving the consumer hundreds of calories and carbohydrates. If you really have a craving for that burger cut out the fries and soda and you will cut out most of the fat and calories from your meal. If ordering a chicken sandwich, opt for the grilled option instead of having your chicken fried. Most fast food restaurants offer a variety of tasty grilled chicken sandwiches, just do not overindulge on heavy sauces or dip your items in ranch.

  • Long John Silver's Seafood Shoppe

    2929 S Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 529-0265

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  • Spectrum Foods Inc

    2520 S Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 391-0091

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  • Spectrum Foods Inc

    2520 South Grand Ave, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 391-0091

    Write a review
  • Jamals Food Mart

    1134 South Grand Ave, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 753-5676

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  • Lake Plaza Food & Liquor

    3227 Lake Plaza Dr, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 529-6311

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  • Food Fantasies Naturally

    1512 Wabash Ave, Jerome, IL 62704

    (217) 793-8009

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  • Rochester Cusd 3A Food Service

    707 W Main St, Rochester, IL 62563

    (217) 498-0139

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  • Ruler Foods 258

    2711 E Sangamon Ave, Springfield, IL 62702

    (217) 753-4290

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  • Food and Fuel Mart1

    817 S Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 523-9200

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  • Express Food Mart

    1900 N Peoria Rd, Springfield, IL 62702

    (217) 522-4750

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  • Acupuncture by DR NA Zhai

    1200 S 5th St, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 528-3199

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  • Complete Nutrition

    2825 S Veterans Pkwy, Springfield, IL 62704

    (217) 726-5599

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  • Holistic Healthcare Alliance

    1208 S 6th St, Springfield, IL 62703

    (217) 638-4325

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