About Terre Haute

Terre Haute is a city in Indiana located near the Wabash River. The city’s name is French for "High Land." It is known, perhaps infamously, for being home to the Federal penitentiary facility.

The city was once home to most of the coal mines. The railroad system employed many workers in earlier years. The original Coca-Cola glass bottle was designed and first manufactured in Terre Haute by the Root Glass Company. The city is also home to Sony's manufacturing facility and is the first in the US to make compact disks. Indiana State University is situated in this city. It was the school attended by basketball legend Larry Bird.

Art and culture are prominent in Terre Haute. The city flourished since a non-profit group, called Downtown Terre Haute, began restorations in the area. Numerous galleries can be found in downtown, home of the Downtown Art Tour. During the summer months, many outdoor activities and festivals take place in an area known as the Crossroads of America. 7th and Wabash streets mark this center.

Many museums can be found in Terre Haute. CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Educational Center is run by Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor. The Swope Art Museum has a large collection of American Art including artwork by Andy Warhol and Edward Hopper. Indiana State University showcases student and resident faculty art. The Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program donated nearly 150 of Warhol's photographs to the school in 2007.

Music is very popular in Terre Haute, with local bands having what they call the "Terre Haute sound." Various music venues are frequented by locals. Yearbook Committee is a Terre Haute musician showcasing at South by Southwest Music Festival. The Wabash Valley Music Hall of Fame inducts local musicians every year.

Nightlife in Terre Haute consists mainly of pubs and taverns. Visitors and residents alike patronize music venues as well. Shopping is a popular activity in Terre Haute, as it is home to nearly twenty shopping and restaurant areas. Although it may seem like small town, the city is bustling with things to do.

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