About Lenexa

Located just 12 miles south of Kansas City lies the beautiful community of Lenexa, KS. Lenexa is a 34 square mile city that was founded in 1869 and incorporated in 1909. The population of Lenexa is approximately 47,000 people. The population has grown steadily in the last ten years. A 20% increase in population from the census results in 2000 to the 2010 census results shows a strong and healthy community.Looking at the Lenexa ,KS yellow pages reveals that the city contains a healthy business base. The Lenexa business directory boasts a variety of high tech and bioscience companies. It also contains a number of national and international headquarters. This is evident in the high graduation rate and strong labor force. The median household income is above $76,000, which is relatively high when compared to the national average of approximately $52,000. More than half of the homes in Lenexa are owner owned and carry a value of more than $200,000 each. Approximately 60 businesses and 30 shopping centers can be found in Lenexa.

Lenexa boasts a fairly mild climate with average temperatures ranging from the upper 20s in the winter to the upper 70s during the summer months. Because of this, recreation is popular in Lenexa. Almost 700 acres are consumed with more than 40 parks. More than a dozen each of soccer fields, tennis courts, and picnic facilities can be found within these parks. 24 miles of trails allow residents and visitors a walk through and around the city. If you are visiting the area, the Lenexa, KS business directory shows almost a dozen hotels or motels with over 1,000 rooms to choose from. If you are in need of medical care, there are six hospitals within a five mile radius of Lenexa. Lenexa is known as the city of festivals. The city hosts a number of events each year. Folks from surrounding areas congregate to Lenexa to partake in these events. Some of the exiting events include a chili challenge, BBQ battle, the Community Days parade, and Tails on the Trail pet festival. Within the last 15 years, Lenexa has provided space for community gardens to provide a place for socialization, recreation, and education.

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