About Topeka

Located in Shawnee County, Topeka, Kansas stands as the capital city of Kansas. It was founded in 1854 by Cyrus K. Holliday and has historical ties to the Oregon Trail as well as the Pony Express. Over 127,000 people call Topeka home. Due to its location in the American Midwest, Topeka experiences a range of weather conditions, most famously tornadoes. In fact, many citizens well remember the 1966 F5 tornado that traveled through the city, destroying major neighborhoods and leveling state office buildings along with schools. Summertime temperatures often climb into the lower 100s, while winter temperatures may dip as low as 10 degrees below zero. The city sees its most rain in late spring and early summer. Topeka, as well as most of the state of Kansas, receives on average 12 inches of snow per year.Topeka hosts a number of prominent businesses, which may be located in the Topeka, KS yellow pages or the local Topeka, KS business directory. Major employers in the city include the state and municipal governments, Stormont Vail Medical Center, St. Francis Health Center, Goodyear Tire, and Frito Lay. Security Benefit also provides many high paying jobs to the private sector, as does Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.

Numerous retail centers populate the city, with the city being home to three large department stores, one Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse, and one Home Depot store. Other jobs are provided by the local school districts and by area colleges and universities. Many residents appreciate the city's typically low unemployment rate and inexpensive housing. Housing prices remain among the lowest in the country.Most of the city's children attend the four area public school districts. The largest district in the city remains USD 501, which includes four high schools. The Seaman school district serves the city's northern region, while Auburn Washburn district serves the city's west and southern regions. The city's eastern borders are serviced by Shawnee Heights school district schools. In addition to public schools, children may also attend one of the city's private schools, which include Topeka Collegiate or Cair Paravel Latin School. High school graduates may choose to enroll at Topeka's municipal university, Washburn University. Washburn University has a reputation for being a small, but high quality institution. Its enrollment holds around 7000 students each year. Washburn's mascot is the Ichabod, named after an early benefactor of the university. Its sports teams participate in the MIAI Division I conference.

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