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Methuen Massachusetts

October, 21st

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Methuen, MA - "postcards" search results

About Postcards

With the movement to go green, many people are interested in decorating with materials that symbolize their local community. People are looking for ways to support the local community without breaking the bank. One of the least expensive ways to do that is with local postcards. Local postcards can be found at area museums, historic sites, parks and even gas stations and gift shops. They have a variety of subject matters and accommodate any personal style. One way to incorporate local postcards into personal style is to use them as a small print. This allows the local postcards to serve as a reminder of the community and a piece of home decor. Postcards tend to be sized in a manner similar to photos, with three by five and four by six postcards being easy to find. Find and place a beautiful postcard in an inexpensive mat and frame. The framed postcard can be hung on the wall or displayed on a flat surface like any other photo. Several of these framed local postcards grouped together make a lovely display on a mantle, shelf or wall, lending unique and personal looks to their display area while adding local flavor. Another way to incorporate local postcards into home decor as small prints is to simply arrange one or several of them underneath a glass top table. This protects them from spills and stains and will allow them to be changed according to the season, decor or even mood. Just make sure the postcards stay dry to ensure easy removal.

More on Postcards

Local postcards can also be used as a decoupage material. They can be decoupage onto cardboard boxes for a unique look. Any type of box can be used, from shoe boxes with lids to cereal boxes with their flaps removed. Choose the postcard, photocopy it, and then cut the image to fit your box. Depending on its size, it may take several images to completely cover the box. Affix the images to the box using mod podge and allow drying. For extra protection, a second coat of mod podge can be applied over the images. The boxes can then be displayed on shelves. Use them to hold small supplies, papers and other things that need to be organized, but not necessarily displayed. Local postcards can also be cut into strips and used to create inexpensive decorations for trees at Christmas or any other time of year. Simply cut the postcard into strips, poke holes in opposite ends of the strips using a hole punch and thread a paper fastener through the holes. Fan the strips out into the shape of a ball, attach string to one of the fasteners and use the string to hang your decoration. Local postcards are little treasures can be used in a number of crafty ways to enhance decor and convey personal style, while supporting the local community and greening the planet. Go pick up some local postcards and begin a journey into personal style with a local edge today.

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