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Methuen Massachusetts

September, 27th

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Methuen, MA - "sauna baths" search results

About Sauna Baths

The local sauna baths are a great way to relax after a long day at the office. A sauna bath helps rid the body of harmful toxin build up through the hot steam that will cause the body to release its toxin in sweat, and help heal the body of any illness that is a direct result of toxin build up. A short history of a local sauna bath is one that the Indians use for cleansing ceremonies of purification when a treaty or contract was being made or signed, it was called a sweat teepee, or lodge. Of course now in todays terms it is call our local sauna bath. The local sauna bath has been around for centuries as part of a natural healing method for the body. The modern type of local sauna baths are made of cedar woods from top to bottom and all walls, a heating pit or stove of coals/rocks are in the middle, water is placed on the hot coal to form the steam to open the body’s pours; as the pours are open and the sweat runs from the body, so do the poison toxins run out as well. By the time you have a long sauna bath and then a cool shower after, the body is shouting yes. You could also if it is winter go play in the icy waters or snow. The temperatures of the local sauna bath are very hot, up to 180 to 200 degrees, so after a good sweat the snow would feel great and you would feel like a brand new person.

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