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Methuen Massachusetts

October, 26th

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Methuen, MA - "surgeons" search results

About Surgeons

In today's society people want to look good at all times and they are willing do everything to achieve this. In case a child with a particular deformity it is good to consult a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who will give the required surgery. Female plastic surgery has been in existence for quite a long time so as male plastic surgery, as the men have continued to discover the value of male plastic surgery which makes them to acquire the features that they may want to have. The most common male plastic surgery procedure is the breast reduction surgery. This is a condition that causes a lot of discomfort and embarrassment hence the need to perform plastic surgery to correct the situation. The local cosmetic and reconstructive pediatrics surgeons are basically involved in dealing with the unique needs of the children requiring plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery which could have resulted from injuries or are congenital conditions. The local cosmetic and reconstructive pediatrics surgeons also perform aesthetic surgery which is primarily meant to improve the appearance of the children. Some of the aesthetic surgery procedures that the local cosmetic and reconstructive pediatrics surgeons perform include rhinoplasty that is reshaping of the nose, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, jaw correction and genioplasty which involves surgery to correct the positioning of the chin. Aesthetic surgery is basically done to correct any facial structures that may have been deformed. Liposuction is performed on people who wish to change their appearance by getting rid of excess fat that has become stubborn to eliminate using other methods like exercising and diet control. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves removing unwanted fat deposits from such areas as the chin, hips, abdomen, knees, and thighs among other parts. It is important before a person conducts the procedure to ensure that their skin is elastic so as to achieve a smooth contour finally. There are risks involved in liposuction like the perforation and injury of vital organs; hence care and caution should be practiced during this process.

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Another surgical procedure known as the face lift surgical procedure is risk free and produces results. A face lift surgical procedure is primarily designed to give an aging person a youthful appearance by removing the sagging skin and the wrinkles which are caused by aging which makes the muscles loose causing the skin to be less elastic. A face lift surgical procedure lifts up the tissues and muscles which underlie the facial skin thus making the face smooth and tight with a youthful appearance. In case a person looses a part of the body then one may opt to have an implant which replaces the lost body part. There are various forms of implants like dental and breast implants. The dental implants surgically installed below the gum of the teeth fuse with the jawbone. The implants are stable and they give a natural replacement to the lost teeth. The implants are also comfortable to the owner. It is important to ensure that your gums are healthy and the bone structure can support the implant.

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