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Baltimore Maryland

October, 25th

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Baltimore, MD - "go carts" search results

About Go Carts

Go Karts have been around for a long time, but their popularity has never decreased. Hobbyists have always loved Go Carts, but they aren't solely for entertainment purposes. Buying a Go Cart for your preteen child can help prepare them for getting their driver's license and instills a sense of responsibility in them. Caring for a Go Cart isn't as a complicated as owning a car, but it's a good stepping stone for the intermediate period between the tweens and the teenage years. Plus, kids can never get too much driver's training. Go Carts and their various parts are available at sporting goods stores and specialty shops. Before purchasing an expensive item like this, it's probably a good idea to rent one at a Go Cart track or other similar establishment. This will give you and/or your child a chance to learn more about these machines and how they operate. It will also give you a chance to chat with people already own one. Hopefully, they will be open to discussing Go Carts with you and answering any questions you may have.

More on Go Carts

Go Carts vary considerably in price depending upon their engine type, size, and overall quality. In general, prices range from approximately $400- $5,000. Some models are gas powered, whereas others are electric or solar powered. There are models designed for off road dirt tracks, indoor racing, especially for kids, or amateur joy riding. Higher end Go Karts are made with attractive fiber glass bodies that mimic Nascars, monster trucks, and semis. Driving a Go Cart usually doesn't require a license because they don't go very fast and it is illegal to drive them on the street, even in residential neighborhoods. Unless you live in a remote area, you will have to save your riding for designated spots. As with any other sport, there is vital safety equipment to purchase including helmets, elbow and knee pads, goggles, mouth guards, etc. There are other kinds of riding gear reminiscent of motocross tactical clothing. If you are buying a battery powered Go Cart, you may want to buy a back up, portable generator for easy recharging anywhere you need it. If money is an issue, you can always purchase a used Go Cart. You should only buy a used model if you have the necessary level of expertise, though. Another option is building your own custom Go Cart. This requires a very high skill level, but it can be an excellent project for a parent and child to complete together.

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