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Bangor Maine

May, 23rd

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Bangor, ME - "food" search results

About Food

Are you hosting an event that involves food? If you are planning on a sizable guest list, you may want to invest in a reputable catering service to handle the menu. Cooking for a large crowd and serving those hungry guests can be a full time job, leaving you with little time for mingling and socializing. Finding a local caterer is easy. Finding a good local caterer can be a bit of a challenge. The easiest way to find a good catering company is to ask friends and family for references. Think about the last wedding reception you attended that seemed well organized and tastefully adorned with good food. Call the host and ask for the name of their catering service. But your search for the perfect caterer shouldn't end there. Some caterers specialize in big weddings. Some prefer to handle smaller affairs. There are local caterers known for elegance and ornate presentation. And there are catering companies that aim for a more practical application of food service. Determine the type of event you are hosting before settling on just the right local caterer. If you are seeking a wedding catering service, you will need to book well in advance. Many wedding caterers fill their calendars months or even a year ahead of time. Be prepared to provide the caterer with some basic information when you book your event. Every good catering company needs to know the number of guests being invited, the desired menu, and the date of the event before they even agree to take the job. If your wedding date is still up in the air, do not bother calling the local caterer just yet. In addition to private catering companies, many local restaurants offer catering services. Restaurant catering is often more general in nature than private catering services. Menus are restricted to the type of food that the restaurant normally serves, so do not expect an elegant dinner of roast duck from a simple barbecue restaurant. Selection and customization is not as easy to find from a local restaurant catering service, but the cost is usually lower. For this reason, many hosts and hostesses choose restaurant catering over the more expensive and exclusive local caterers.

  • Aroostook Foods Inc

    337 River Rd, Orrington, ME 04474

    (207) 825-3125

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  • V-Z Food & Gas

    1552 State St, Veazie, ME 04401

    (207) 262-7271

    Write a review
  • Food

    1552 State St, Veazie, ME 04401

    (207) 561-4333

    Write a review
  • Claudia's Seafood

    703 Main St, Bradley, ME 04411

    (207) 866-2682

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  • Orono Thriftway Food Center

    153 Park St, Orono, ME 04473

    (207) 866-3118

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  • Paradis Foodliner

    395 N Main St, Brewer, ME 04412

    (207) 989-2666

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  • McLaughlin Seafood

    728 Main St, Bangor, ME 04401

    (207) 942-7811

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  • Food & Medicine

    20 Ivers St, Brewer, ME 04412

    (207) 989-5860

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  • Dennis Paper & Food Service Co

    216 Thatcher St, Bangor, ME 04401

    (207) 947-0321

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  • Weathervane Seafood Restaurant

    710 Wilson St, Brewer, ME 04412

    (207) 989-4232

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  • Angelos Pizzeria

    499 Hammond St , Bangor, ME 04401

    (207) 942-5553

    Two Large Cheese Pizzas $14.99

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More on Caterers

No matter your choice, elegant or simple, be prepared to estimate a per person cost when discussing prices with your local caterer. Many caterers have predetermined plans that hosts can pick from, depending on the level of service they expect to receive. Full sit-down dinners will cost considerably more than buffet style serving lines or finger foods served with cocktails. Many a dreamy hostess has been snapped back into a realistic mindset after seeing the price of elegance! The old saying, "You get what you pay for" Definitely applies to catering services. Most catering companies offer free or low-cost consultations. Its important to take advantage of these sessions and try your best to communicate your desires and expectations clearly. Poor communication between host and caterer is often the ruin of an otherwise perfect event.

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