About Duluth

Duluth is considered the fourth largest city in Minnesota and is nestled in the western tip of Lake Superior along the North Shore. Duluth and it's neighboring city Superior, Wisconsin are referred to as the Twin Ports, because they share the shipping harbor, making it the largest inland shipping port in the world. Coal, iron-ore (Taconite), and grain are among some of the products shipping in and out of the Duluth-Superior Harbor every day. More information about the shipping port or other industry in Duluth can be found in Duluth, Minnesota Business Directory.

Duluth is referred to as the air conditioned city, due to Lake Superior being one of the deepest and coldest of the Great Lakes. The combination of the lake temperature, a northern breeze and the steep hill keep the summer month cooler near the lake and the winter temperatures below zero the majority of the season . One of the benefits is the "Hill Effect" as it was named by the residents. Duluth has never had a tornado in the city, although they have had many severe thunderstorms, it is said the air current makes it impossible for a tornado to touchdown. One of the most famous landmarks is the Aerial Lift Bridge. The bridge was originally built in 1905 as a ferry bridge, and later upgraded to the current Lift system in 1929. The bridge was needed to link the city with it's 6 mile long sandbar named Minnesota Point or as some call it Park point. This came after the city dug out the canal making Park Point a island, creating the now famous Duluth Canal and Canal Park. More information on landmarks and tourist information are available in Duluth, Minnesota yellow pages.

Duluth has been home to Grandma's Marathon since 1977, held annually in June, drawing runners and spectators from all over the world. The route is 26 miles long and starts outside Two Harbors, Minnesota, continues down Old Highway 61, and finishes at Canal Park. The Marathon was named after the original sponsor, Grandma's Restaurant. Another yearly event is the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon usually held in February. There are two courses to chooses from, the short course is 150 miles and departs from Duluth and ends in Tofte, MN. The longer course is 400 miles and starts from Duluth and ends at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The Beargrease is considered training ground for the larger sled dog race the Iditarod. More information on the Beargrease or other tourist attractions are available in Duluth, Minnesota yellow pages, or Duluth, Minnesota Business Directory.

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