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Rochester Minnesota

August, 25th

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Rochester, MN - "bars" search results

About Bars

For those people who work and play hard, there are not many things that are more satisfying than stopping off at the local bar. After a hard day at work or on the golf course, a few cool ones at the local bar are extremely relaxing. The local bar fulfills many purposes. In many places, it is the social center of the town or neighborhood. In small towns, it is where the locals gather to discuss the social issues, the daily gossip or the local high school football team. No other place can consistently perform this function. In large cities, especially the cities in the Eastern United States, the local bar is the neighbor gathering place. Workers will stop in the local bar and have a few beers before heading home. Just like the local bars in small towns, this is where all the local news is discussed, argued, and agreed upon. Local bars are also great places for friends to meet and hang out. The local bars have their regulars to stop by on a frequent basis. Just like in the TV sitcom, Cheers, it is a place where everybody knows your name. A comfortable atmosphere with friends makes the visit even more enjoyable. Local bars can come in all varieties and types. There are the old rundown establishments that haven't seen an upgrade in years. With large mirrors behind a oversized bar, bar stools and the jukebox playing tunes, what the place lacks in furnishings it more than makes up in atmosphere. The clientele make the place what it is.

More on Bars

Some local bars are of the chain restaurant variety. They have the same basic motif in each city but the local patrons make it a place where the locals want to stop. Some local bars are theme bars determined by the people who frequent them. Somehow, everyone knows what kind of bar it is. It may be a gay bar or a biker bar but that is the people that it attracts. Many local bars are sports bars. Sports, friends, and drinking go together well so this is a great fit. Some local sports bars have televisions on every wall in order to catch all of the sports action. Some local bars will make a big event out of the nearby college football or basketball game. Others will make a big day out of their favorite pro football team. The local bar many times will purchase a pay for view sporting event. This draws a huge local crowd and it can be a popular local event. Making the local bar even more popular is the bar food. Usually greasy and fried, it is typically very tasty. Buffalo wings, burgers, French fries are usually always on the menu. Chili is another bar food favorite. In order to understand the local bar scene, visiting a local bar will be required. Once a few have been visited and a favorite one has been picked out, you will be hooked.

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