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Cape Girardeau Missouri

October, 27th

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Cape Girardeau, MO - "birthday parties" search results

About Birthday Parties

Birthday parties may be come hard to plan as they become teenagers therefore the amount of birthday parties for teenagers decrease. Parents forget to allow teens to help plan their party. Here a few ideas that may spike your teens interest in birthday parties again. Video game themed parties are the simplest parties to prepare. They love video games and a themed party based on their favorite game is easily planned. The decorations may be one basic color that represents the game, for example if one were planning a Rock Band party one would use blue. Use blue throughout the room, shape the cake like a guitar, drums, or microphone, and have plenty of food and drinks on hand. Leave them to organize their own fun but be there to restock the food and drinks. Other examples may be Super Mario, Final Fantasy, or any first person role playing game. Moms have a hard enough time getting their kids off of video games so this would be a great birthday party for the teenager and a cheap one for the parents. But, do not assume that this type of party is only for boys, lots of girls are gamers today and would love this type of party as well.

More on Birthday Parties

Book themed birthday parties are also popular today. Whether it is Twilight for girls, manga books for boys, or Harry Potter for either, there are hundreds of ideas for a birthday party if your teenager loves to read. Simply take the color scheme of the books, for example Twilight is red and black, and use that as the colors of your decorations, plates, and cake. Next, think about objects that are popular in the stories, for example Harry Potters wand, a football representing Eyeshield 21, or apples and ribbons for Twilight, and use those for decorations or door prizes. things to do may include having a few of the books lying around for them to look at, have a reading from the book, or do a movie or television show viewing. Its really simple to allow your teenager to choose the things that they want to do. Also, the book websites may contain ideas or items that can be used. Murder Mysteries are also easy parties to organize. The teenagers may go on line and order the game in theses such as a Luau, Mardi Gras, Western, or dance. Once they receive the game, begin choosing items that can distinguish your guests as particular characters. Food and decorations may be arranged with the setting of the event, examples would be hamburgers for the western or finger foods for the ball. The party goers will have so much fun in dressing and acting their parts that the time will fly by. Birthday parties for teenagers can be simple. Parents should look at their interests and plan accordingly. If they are having fun doing what they like then the time goes quicker and they will enjoy it much more.

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