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Saint Joseph Missouri

October, 25th

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Saint Joseph, MO - "used appliances" search results

About Used Appliances

When it comes to local used appliances, you are either looking to get them, or looking to get rid of them. First of all, if you are looking to get local used appliances there are a few places you can look. The best place to begin your search for local used appliances is online. You can find local used appliances by searching the internet. All you need to do is type in what you are looking for, and the zip code you live in, and press search. You will be amazed how many different places you can find local used appliances. In fact, many people list their local used appliances online for people to view them. You can find many great local used appliances including refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers simply by turning on your computer and searching. You can find broken local used appliances, or local used appliances that are in great condition. Another place you can search for local used appliances is your local newspaper. Many people will list local used appliances in the paper to get rid of them. The will let you come and see the local used appliances, and decide whether or not you want to purchase them, or maybe even take them for free. Lastly, you may find local used appliances at yard or garage sales. Often, many people will just put out their local used appliances and have people name their price. They are willing to take just about anything to get rid of these local used appliances. So, if you are looking for a used stove or fridge, make sure you check out the yard sales in your area. You will be amazed on the great condition most of these local used appliances are in.

  • Maxwell's New & Used

    1602 Saint Joseph Ave, Saint Joseph, MO 64505

    (816) 364-0687

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  • L & N Used Auto Sales

    2900 N Belt Hwy, Saint Joseph, MO 64506

    (816) 676-1972

    Write a review
  • Tom's New & Used Tires

    1925 Frederick Ave, Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 279-2527

    Write a review
  • Hurd Auctions Used Furniture

    524 S 22nd St, Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 232-1004

    Write a review
  • C & M Heating Cooling & Appliances

    3222 Mitchell Ave, Saint Joseph, MO 64507

    (816) 233-6019

    Write a review
  • Shelter For Abused Women-YWCA

    304 N 8th St, Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 232-1225

    Write a review
  • Dan's New & Used Materials

    304 N 8th St, Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 238-6505

    Write a review
  • Affordable Quality Used Cars

    1522 Frederick Ave, Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 233-8991

    Write a review
  • Bargain Appliances

    1320 Frederick Ave, Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 364-0069

    Write a review
  • Pied Piper Children's Used Books the

    2641-1-2 Lafayette, Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 232-2102

    Write a review
  • Lba Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing Inc

    6226 Merriam Dr, Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 262-1822

    Write a review
  • Lippert Mechanical Service Corp

    3801 Oakland Ave, Saint Joseph, MO 64506

    (816) 364-6322

    Write a review
  • Al's Heating Cooling & Refrigeration Inc

    , Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 671-0944

    Write a review
  • Elite-Air Heating & Cooling

    , Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 676-0305

    Write a review
  • Payless Heating & Cooling Inc.

    , Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 364-3135

    Write a review
  • National Excelsior Co

    3605 Lafayette St, Saint Joseph, MO 64507

    (816) 671-0566

    Write a review
  • Rent-A-Center

    811 N 22nd St, Saint Joseph, MO 64506

    (816) 233-5655

    Write a review
  • Lafollette Residential/Commercial

    , Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (816) 233-2630

    Write a review
  • Sears Home Services

    , Saint Joseph, MO 64501

    (877) 587-1949

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More on Used Appliances

If you are on the other side of the table, and looking to get rid of your local used appliances, you also have many options. You can list your appliances online or in the newspaper. Make sure you list the color, make, and condition of the local used appliances. You can also list your phone number if people want to come and see the local used appliances for themselves. Your city may offer a special day where local used appliances will come and be picked up right from your door. Many different towns pick up local used appliances and get rid of them accordingly for you. This is usually done once or twice a year. You can call your local borough building to see if you city offers this service, as it is another way to get rid of your local used appliances. Lastly, you can have a yard sale and price your local used appliances to sell. Make sure you start off with a price a bit more than you expected, this will give the potential buyers lead way to bargain for these local used appliances. Whether you are trying to get rid of, or looking for local used appliances, there are many options out there.

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