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Hattiesburg Mississippi

August, 25th

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Hattiesburg, MS - "network solutions" search results

About Network Solutions

There are many different local network solutions that are open to you. Whether you are a home office, small business, or even medium sized business you need to make decisions on how to best setup your architecture. There are many different options open to you and you more than likely will use a combination of several different things to form your network. It is important to make sure that you consider the security every step of the way. The last thing you want it is to set up a network that is easily comprised and have all of your work wasted. For the most part, businesses whether small or large will use some form of hardwired network for the majority of the systems. This is by far the safest way to go, but is also very difficult to configure. If the building is not already wired for a network it can be very expensive to configure all of the different ports and wires throughout the office. If you know how to do the wiring and patching you can save yourself a lot of money, but if you do not it is recommended that you go with outside help and bring an expert to assist you. The amount you will save versus the time lost will not end up being worth it if you are unsure what you are doing.

More on Network Solutions

Once you have the location hard wired you now need to purchase basic networking equipment. There will be several factors that determine what equipment you should buy. The one thing that every network is going to need is a router. A router is a simple box that configures all of the computers on the network to talk to each other. It assigns IP addresses, connects out the Internet, and protects the computers connected to it from being attacked. If your company is just setting up the one local network than you should not need to get a router that is too fancy. The problems come in when you are trying to open up ports and host things to the outside world on your internal network. For these type of networks you are going to need a more powerful firewall to allow people you want in and keep people you do not want in out. The router you choose should be a bit more than you need but nothing too expensive. After you set up the hardwired network you are also going to want to setup a wireless network. For this it is recommended that you use a separate router so that you can isolate all of your wireless connections. In addition use the most secure encryption that the router supports to keep intruders out. By isolating and limiting your wireless network you will be doing the best you can to keep your sensitive systems protected. There is much more to setting up a network than is possible in the scope of this article. Follow these simple first steps though and you will be we well on your way to getting set up the way you want.

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