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Lincoln Nebraska

October, 4th

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Lincoln, NE - "music" search results

About Music

Many musicians got their start in local music venues. Many fans have had the luck to witness unknown bands perform in local music venues long before they "hit it big". With the ongoing change in the music industry today and with a growing number of musicians producing their own work, local music venues have become increasingly important to the world of music. The recent innovations in the high tech world have made it easy for musicians to produce their own music as well as market themselves on the internet. Many musicians today use websites and forums on the internet to list the local music venues where they will be playing while in their own home town or when on tour. Fans flock to local music venues all over the country to see bands and solo musicians perform live. A musician today can record a song and burn a CD or create an MP3 and have it available for sale within a couple of days. Local music venues provide a location to showcase their new music and have CDs available for sale during the show. This is an exciting time to be a musician today. In the past, local music venues were a chance to perform their songs in the hopes of catching the interest of a major record label. After signing, shows were often held in big, impersonal arenas, quite often robbing the soul out of the experience. Musicians often lost their edge, lost what it was that inspired them in the first place. It's quite common these days to see a band or songwriter with national recognition playing in local music venues.

  • American Federation of Musicians Local No-463

    2770 Yankee Hill Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516

    (402) 474-3868

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  • Gymboree Play & Music

    4131 Pioneer Woods Dr Ste 105, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 476-4455

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  • Meadowlark Music Festival

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 488-9555

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  • Larksong Music Service

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 484-8778

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  • Encore Music Productions

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 499-5101

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  • Church Music Services

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 474-2594

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  • Bandstand Music

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 480-4056

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  • Cgs Music

    1244 High St, Lincoln, NE 68502

    (402) 328-0677

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  • Spindle Music & Video

    122 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68508

    (402) 435-8350

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More on Music Venues

The days of the big crowded arena shows is on the decline. Being a professional musician today means you no longer need to be a part of the music "industry". This is a benefit for fans as well: as they get to enjoy watching a performance in live music venues, which are usually smaller and more intimate than an arena concert. An arena concert can be an exhausting affair when you consider parking, walking flights of stairs to the seats and quite often sitting too far away to really enjoy the show. Then there's the high cost of the tickets. All in all, local music venues are a much better value for the dollar, plus the fact that many local music venues also feature some excellent food, not the kind you'll get in a big arena. Whether you're in your own hometown or on the road, what you will hear in one of the town's local music venues will usually be fresh, original and reflect the soul and legacy of the town or region. Much better than any generic music you will hear on a large "industry" scale. Most would agree that the quality of local beer, food and music is always better than the quality of anything produced on a large, grand scale and local music venues provide a way to enjoy all of these things.

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