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Lincoln Nebraska

August, 30th

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Lincoln, NE - "music" search results

About Music

Today in a world of ruthless competition lies the music industry, with the endless record labels, copyrights and contracts, bears the will of any musician. Either thriving to survive or enjoying the talents theyve earned, it can be the most brutal at times and also the most rewarding. Its the passion and accomplishments strewn together on stage, with screaming lips and calloused fingertips and the beat of every drum. Its a most devoted effort with the will that both the performer and listener are unforgettably entertained. Appreciations for many artists, local bands or musicians are often stowed away and too often go unseen. Musical greatness and talent are commonly found within miles of every doorstep. Often, for just a few bucks and many times even free shows are located quite close. Your local music is the base foundation in which dreams and inspirations are met and entertainment for listener, easily found. Your local radio stations, web sites, competitions and opportunities are available quite often and urge support for musical talents in your area. Companies regionally offer support, merchandising, recording studios, public relations, sponsors and promotions, with consideration towards the respects of success. Supporting your local music scene isnt only personally rewarding but also deeply contributes to the community. Entertainment is a vital role within every district strengthening the residents, bringing more together through both involvement and enjoyment with special events. Regardless the music genre, commonalities between local residents can be found easily when becoming involved and getting to know your own town.

  • American Federation of Musicians Local No-463

    2770 Yankee Hill Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516

    (402) 474-3868

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  • Gymboree Play & Music

    4131 Pioneer Woods Dr Ste 105, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 476-4455

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  • Meadowlark Music Festival

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 488-9555

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  • Larksong Music Service

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 484-8778

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  • Encore Music Productions

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 499-5101

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  • Church Music Services

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 474-2594

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  • Bandstand Music

    2300 S 75th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

    (402) 480-4056

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  • Cgs Music

    1244 High St, Lincoln, NE 68502

    (402) 328-0677

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  • Spindle Music & Video

    122 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68508

    (402) 435-8350

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More on Music

Many local venues, nightclubs and even smaller pubs are often packed full on weekends, with many establishments offering tickets or charging at the door. Many venues have also scheduled under age shows, allowing children and teens to attend and become involved. Outdoor events during those summer months frequently provide the same opportunity, for family and friends of all ages to attend. From every town to every city, every location is generally packed full of music. From garage bands to musicians for hire: Local music will flourish and continually entertain people of every community. The musically inclined, venture opportunity with fierce passion and offer entertainment to the wide variety of listeners. Music is and has been the universal language of both, human expression and experience. It gives back to both the musician and also the listener. Becoming involved and taking advantage of your local resources is great importance to your community. More focus directed towards your local music is needed. Educating and influencing the children of tomorrow allows diverse opportunity. Talent invites the possibilities that are endless. Encouraging and partaking in participation through your local music scene is available for anyone. It may be as simple as a local business pasting a logo in their front window, or a driver supporting a band with a bumper sticker. Supports can start with the little steps to the bigger picture. Visit a show, call your local radio stations with requests, check out some local websites, and become involved! You wont be disappointed.

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