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Tonawanda New York

October, 24th

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Tonawanda, NY - "pizza" search results

About Pizza

Every community has their own style: thin crust, deep dish, stuffed crust. Any way you slice the pie, your local pizza is a personal treasure for you and those around you. Pizza varies from region to region. In the southwest, local pizza places serve spicy flat bread concoctions reminiscent of the old west and the Latino influence. Up north, the bread is usually heartier, such as Buffalo thick crust pizza or Chicago deep dish. A little further east and you find the famous New York city thin crust pizzas. As varied as the size and shape of the pizza are the places that serve it. In every part of the country, there is a local pizza place that is distinguished from the chain restaurants and pizza providers around it. it may be quiet and unassuming, such as a corner store converted into a pizza parlor, or huge and grandiose with a full dining room and plenty of choice pizzas to choose from. Regardless of whether it is gourmet pizza or sloppy pies, the local pizza place is something everyone in the neighborhood feels an ownership of. The method of getting the pizza out varies too. The latest fashion to strike the country is the new local pizza bars. In these restaurants, the several pizzas are served buffet style, perhaps with some salad choices, buffalo wings or other side dishes. In this way, a family can head out for some of their favorite local pizza and everyone gets a few different slices of what they want. A traditional pizza setting can't offer this dish. There are also single serving pizza places. In these local pizza places a full pie is nearly never ordered. Instead, several pizzas are on a rack and people select one or two slices to go. No tables or chairs to keep the busy worker tied down at lunchtime or the busy bar hopper from making it to their next destination. The particular restaurant style is extremely popular in Southern Ontario, Canada and Western New York State and other areas in the great lakes region. No need to worry, local pizza is still delivered as well.

  • John & Lonnie's Pizza & More

    3655 Lockport Rd, Sanborn, NY 14132

    (716) 216-4440

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  • Good Guys Pizza

    1248 Ruie Rd , North Tonawanda, NY 14120

    (716) 695-1592

    Call Today!

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  • Christopher's Pizza & Subs

    596 Cayuga Rd, Buffalo, NY 14225

    (716) 626-6655

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  • Muscarellas Pizza

    5526 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14221

    (716) 204-9020

    Write a review
  • Bianca's Pizza Place

    4923 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY 14225

    (716) 683-1113

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  • Emergency Pizza

    1870 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14210

    (716) 362-8750

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  • Domino's Pizza

    2700 Union Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14227

    (716) 608-0608

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  • Picasso's Pizza

    2193 Union Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224

    (716) 668-1111

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  • Tks Pizza

    3815 Clinton St, West Seneca, NY 14224

    (716) 675-1234

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  • Pizza Factory

    444 Borden Rd, Buffalo, NY 14224

    (716) 668-1222

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More on Pizza Hut

Today Pizza Hut is a global entity that produces their traditional style pizza and serves customers in over 11,000 restaurants around the world. The simple truth to their success is the excellence in service and product that is found in each restaurant no matter where you travel. While their pan pizza is at the top of the list in sales and the most recommended pizza, they also host an assortment of pizza styles and side dishes including an award winning salad and pizza bar. In many locations during weekly hours they offer a pizza buffet which makes it possible for busy individuals to escape work during their short lunch breaks and enjoy a few quick slices of fresh pizza, pasta and salad at a reasonable price that easily keeps them above the competition.

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