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Cincinnati Ohio

April, 28th

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Cincinnati, OH - "granite dealers" search results

About Granite Dealers

Granite is a common type of igneous rock that has a medium to coarse grained texture. They can be pink to gray in color, depending on its rock chemistry. Granite is hard and tough making it as one of the best choices as a construction stone. Granite is often seen in kitchen countertops and tiles. They are non-porous and the surface is extremely solid. Granite goes in three different processes: Polishing, satin, and honing. The polishing process starts with a rough slab of granite and it is placed on an automated conveyor system which moves the slab through different stages of finishing. The side of the slab that needs to be finished is placed on a conveyor belt where it goes through a series of polishing wheels that has coarse abrasive pads and fine polishing pads. These pads apply pressure to the stone and it does the process of grinding and buffing the stone at the same time. The finish of the stone depends on how many times you want the stone to be grinded and buffed. Next is the satin finish where they apply a new surface finish that creates a light or faint gloss on the stone. Finally, the granite is honed by buffing the surface finish. It creates a smooth surface without reflection, resulting in a matte like appearance of the stone.

More on Granite Dealers

The finished granite slab is now sold in your local granite dealer. They are sold in slabs and come in various colors and sizes to ensure the right size and color that you may need for your home or business. The advantage of having granite installed in your home is because the surface is durable and scratch resistant, the endless patterns and colors it has, each granite slab is unique so there's no uniformity on the pattern, heat resistant, clean up is easy and can be repaired in case it was scratched. Granite can be expensive but looking on the advantages listed above, it is a good investment for your home. Your local granite dealer will provide you more information. Before considering the installation of granite on your home, make sure that the support systems and pillar can stand the heavy weight of the stone. Also, your local dealer will assist you with any questions about the product as well as maintenance procedures on how to maintain the good quality of granite once it is installed on your home.

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