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Cleveland Ohio

October, 25th

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Cleveland, OH - "skydiving" search results

About Skydiving

Has the thrill of free falling from a plane always been a dream of yours? While others have experienced the rush of skydiving, you can only wish to be a part of their crazy adventure. You just can't seem to overcome the fear. Imagine the adrenaline rush felt by falling 115 to 130 miles per hour straight down with ground rushing toward you. It's no wonder many people won't give this sport a second thought. It' takes nerves of steel and an extraordinary amount of courage! It's exciting to watch local skydiving at an air show but that's about as far as it goes. Still, there are those who have held onto the dream of skydiving at least once before they die, as a bucket list item. Yet fear continues to get in the way of a local skydiving experience. But, now a person does not have to give up on their skydiving desires because there is another exciting local skydiving option. It's called indoor skydiving! The military has been training paratroopers and Special Forces soldiers this way for many years but now local skydiving companies have tapped into that same military technology to make it safe for anyone who wants to leap from a plane. Using a wind tunnel, local skydiving can now be recreated by the jumper leaning into or lifted up by a blast of rushing air that runs through the tunnel rather than the gravitational pull of falling from a plane to the earth. This tunnel leap simulates almost the exact bodily sensations and an associated adrenaline rush much like one would experience from a real jump but alleviates the extreme risks involved.

More on Skydiving

One of the greatest benefits of this safer system of local skydiving is that once you have been trained and practiced in respect to the proper body flight maneuvers and air float positions, confidence may grow enough to make a real local skydiving jump less threatening. Where can a person find an indoor local skydiving facility? The United States Parachute Association ( keeps an active log of the available locations. In fact, many Local Skydiving schools are using the wind tunnel as part of their beginners courses. Not only are beginners enjoying their local indoor skydiving facility, but seasoned jumpers are also taking advantage of its always fair weather benefits. If the wind and weather conditions are not exactly right, many jumps have been canceled much to the disappointed groans of the prepared parachute laden. Leaving their parachutes behind, they can now head for the tunnel to perfect their maneuvers or practice group formations despite the wind, rain snow or sleet. Children are also encouraged to sign up and experience the one of a kind thrill of body flight. In fact it would make a fantastic birthday party activity for older children and teens. It's really is that safe! It's a party no one would soon forget. If a parachute jump has always been one of the top adventures on your list. Don't wait, call your local skydiving school today to find out where the nearest indoor skydiving tunnel is located.

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