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Columbus Ohio

October, 21st

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Columbus, OH - "hair braiding" search results

About Hair Braiding

Years ago, the hair braiding process was something that many people had little love for, to say the least! Back then, the main purpose for braiding hair was to do it well enough so it would last for a period of time, thereby giving a rest from having to do hair on a daily basis. This act required continually parting the hair in multiple sections and braiding each sectioned part to the very ends of the hair. To some degree, the process was shorter for longer hair because the hair could be parted in fewer sections. For shorter hair, it meant parting the hair into many smaller sections so that all the hairs could be captured satisfactorily into a lasting braid. No matter the length, however, the result was still sitting for what seemed like an infinitely long time while your hair was twisted into neat and tight rows of one braid after the other, only to end up with a hairdo that left a lot to be desired! In the past, the end result of hair braiding sessions wasnt very good because it was thought of as a necessary job that had to be done. The only requirement was that the finished product be neat, not necessarily stylish. Today, braided hair has developed into an art that offers a stunning array of creations originating from all over the world. Adding hair ornaments to the chosen style can make a strikingly glorious hairdo thats appropriate for the finest occasions.

  • Bebe's Hair Braiding LLC

    3431 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43224

    (614) 447-9482

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  • MS Fatu's African Hair Braiding & More

    4345 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43224

    (614) 470-9611

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  • Nada African Hair Braiding

    2435 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43211

    (614) 261-7670

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  • Friendly African Hair Braiding

    3915 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213

    (614) 235-6195

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  • Kadi Professional Hair Braiding

    3167 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43213

    (614) 236-5441

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  • Eve's African Hair Braiding

    101 Great Southern Blvd, Columbus, OH 43207

    (614) 295-8312

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  • Paule Akie Hair Braiding & Beauty Supp

    699 Harrisburg Pike, Columbus, OH 43223

    (614) 947-0660

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  • African Hair Braiding Salon

    4220 Eastland Square Dr, Columbus, OH 43232

    (614) 866-7434

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  • Fanta African Hair Braiding

    3307 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43213

    (614) 231-8789

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  • Diva Hair Braiding

    3413 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43213

    (614) 238-3534

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  • US Hair

    3350 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43224

    (614) 261-6318

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  • Bill's Chair Caning & Rushing

    208 Amazon Pl, Columbus, OH 43214

    (614) 262-1913

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  • Lucky Thirteen Hair Salon

    3127 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202

    (614) 447-3313

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  • Studio B Hair Design

    21 Brighton Rd, Columbus, OH 43202

    (614) 263-8661

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  • New Wave Hair Salon

    3400 N High St Ste 150, Columbus, OH 43202

    (614) 268-8880

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  • Cookie Cutters Haircuts For Kids

    1775 Kingsdale Ctr, Columbus, OH 43221

    (614) 451-5437

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  • Saturday's Hair Salon

    1781 Kingsdale Ctr, Columbus, OH 43221

    (614) 457-9762

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More on Hair Braiding

First and foremost, braided hair is functional. Hairstyles today are intricate so completing many of the styles can still be a lengthy process. However, once finished, the wearer can go for weeks to months without having major concerns about what to do with their hair. Depending on how the hair was braided, styles can be changed from day to day involving very low maintenance. Also, when hair is braided the scalp is exposed allowing air to circulate throughout the pores keeping the wearer cool. But braiding has advanced far beyond function to bring us many varieties and styles from which to choose. Theres the French braid, the Rope braid, African hair braids, Cornrow braids, Spring Twist braids, Goddess braids, and the list goes on and on. Because of the multitude of styles, designs and techniques available, its possible for a person to have their hair done in whatever style they can imagine! Finding a local hair braiding salon with hairdressers who get to know you is always the best thing to do. Thereís one thing to keep in mind. Since itís possible to go for long periods of time without having to do anything with the hair when it's braided, theres a tendency to forget about the typical and necessary treatments for the hair. Remember that while braiding is a convenient and flattering way to maintain hair, the hair still has to be oiled (for black people), washed, combed and brushed on a regular basis.

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