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Lawton Oklahoma

December, 7th

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Lawton, OK - "Mosques" search results

About Mosques

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, so looking for local mosques is becoming easier every day. It used to be very difficult to find local mosques in small towns, but now there are hundreds of new local mosques in the United States, that you can probably find one within an hour from your home. Local mosques have a lot to offer a community, especially in the United States of America. This country is just learning about the religion of Islam, that it is hard to understand it without attending local mosques. There are a lot of local mosques out there that offer open houses to the community. Being a non-Muslim country, it is nice to get to know what our neighbors are about. These local mosques invite the communities in to teach them about their peaceful religion, regardless of what the media portrays it to be. When the local mosques let the community know what their religion is truly about, they put the neighbors’ minds at ease. Besides offering services to the non-Muslim community, local mosques offer a lot to the Muslims as well. The local mosques in the United States of America are usually also community centers. They are not only places of worship, but offer many more services. Local mosques often have Sunday schools, day cares, and even full time schools. Some local mosques even offer fund raising activities and monthly dinners for the poor and needy.

More on Mosques

Local mosques also hold as a meeting place for the local Muslim community. They are much like the church, as they have youth groups, picnics, and other events for their community to get together. Local mosques are open for prayers at least once a week. All local mosques hold a prayer service on Friday, as this is the holy day in the Islamic religion. Some local mosques are open every day for the five daily prayers, depending on how active their community is. Depending on the Muslim population in the area, some local mosques may offer stores. These stores sell Islamic books, food, and even clothing. They may be attached to the local mosques themselves, or on the same street. You can find a lot of interesting stuff in the local mosques stores. It is one way that the local mosques spread the word of Islam, and let people know what the religion is about. You may not recognize all local mosques. They come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the size of the Muslim community in that particular area. You can find huge local mosques with golden domes and the crescent high in the sky, or old building that were turned into local mosques. Local mosques may even be a house, if the community is only a few people. It is important to learn about other religions of the world. Since Islam has made its way to the United States we should take the time to learn about our fellow Muslims by visiting the local mosques.

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