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Oklahoma City Oklahoma

May, 28th

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Oklahoma City, OK - "salvage yard" search results

About Salvage Yard

Local Salvage Yards are a great place to both get rid of old, unwanted junk items, as well as a great place to pick up and acquire treasures in the trash heaps. Like that old adage says, one man's junk is another man's treasure. This may sound like an outdated, corny maxim, but Local Salvage Yards do provide a good service to the community. They are essentially a marketplace; a marketplace of unwanted items. From scrap metal to old electronics and appliances, the Local Salvage Yards in the thousands of communities they serve provide a great place to get rid of and acquire junk, trash, or any other type of unwanted goods. Most Local Salvage Yards deal in metal products. Scrap metal is a large scale business, with both multi-billion dollar corporation and Local Salvage Yards competing for business in this competitive field. The great thing about these scrap metal places, especially Local Salvage Yards, is that they pay good money for scrap metal. Everything from aluminum cans to catalytic converters; Local Salvage Yards help their communities turn unwanted scrap metal into cold hard cash. The metal acquired from these Local Salvage Yards is recycled to create new metal products. Conserving resources and helping the flow of capital go throughout the community is one of the many pluses of these scrap yards that are featured in thousands of local communities worldwide. These communities really depend on sources such as the Local Salvage Yards to get rid of unwanted materials, the very same materials, which, if properly utilized, can be recycled and reused. Its a true win-win situation for all respective parties that are involved in the said transaction; this is one of the few times in current society that allow for both going green and making green. Earning extra money is always, always a plus, as is helping the fragile environment. The recycling opportunity offered by these places is a true plus, an added bonus to the community.

  • Total Backyard

    6700 NW Expressway St, Oklahoma City, OK 73132

    (405) 722-7727

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  • Back Yard Burgers

    7010 W Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73162

    (405) 720-2237

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  • Courtyard Gardens Inc

    7010 W Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73162

    (405) 562-1196

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  • R & T Salvage Towing and Used Cars

    901 N Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73117

    (405) 232-1313

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  • Backyard Solutions Llc

    4325 NW 4th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

    (405) 942-1696

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  • Southwest Equipment Salvage Inc

    304 NW 13th St Ste 120, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

    (405) 232-9994

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  • Yukon Stone and Sand Yard

    10700 NW 10th St, Yukon, OK 73099

    (405) 324-2815

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  • Salvage Center

    3308 NE 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73117

    (405) 427-0159

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More on Salvage Yards

Local Salvage Yards though can sometimes be the ire of activist community leader, who seek to get rid of the vital institutions in the name of urban renewal. Local Salvage Yards may be rough, ugly, lacking any sort of true design and style, but aesthetics are not the whole picture. Society needs both bistros and scrap yards; they are both vital parts of our economy, our society, our ever changing world. Local Salvage Yards provide a tremendous opportunity to both improve the environment, recycle scarce, much needed resources, as well as the added bonus of putting money in peoples pockets to spend. Growth of the economy can easily be tied to these Local Salvage Yards; everybodys for growing the economy, especially in times such as these. Although these places are the bete noire of community re-designers and other antagonistic parties, our society needs these Local Scrap Yards to ensure the stability of the economy. Economic stability trumps aesthetics, that's for sure; Local Salvage Yards, therefore, are vital parts of society.

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