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Redmond Oregon

October, 28th

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Redmond, OR - "Allergy Doctors" search results

About Allergy Doctors

There are many different types of allergy and sinus problems and therefore many different types of doctors who specialize in treating the various symptoms. Allergies are reactions of the body to a certain pathogen or allergen. Essentially they are body's ways of attacking a problem, but the attack sometimes harms the body itself. In other words, an allergy is an immune response that is so severe that it harms the human body. Allergic reactions can vary from small to so severe that they may cause death. For example, some people are so allergic to bee stings that their whole body swells up (swelling is one way for the body to rid itself of a pathogen or allergen) to the point where the heart and brain start to lose function.

More on Allergy Doctors

All local allergy doctors work on a wide spectrum of allergic reactions to treat what is generally simple inflammation gone too far. If allergies manifest themselves in the form of sinus problems and infections, the best type of doctor to see is an ear nose and throat doctor. They may prescribe antibiotics or even perform simple procedures to relieve the sinus symptoms. Often times allergic reactions show up as rashes, itches, gashes or worse skin problems. In this case, dermatologists are your "allergy doctors". Dermatologists specialize in how the skin organ works and reacts to the outer environment. They may prescribe topological ointments, antibiotics or anti-fungal medications. Generally speaking, allergy doctors are actually doctors that specialize in things other than allergies but work to tackle the allergic reactions depending on where and how they manifest themselves. Sometimes allergies present in various forms and in that case allergy doctors, dermatologists, ears nose and throat doctors and many other work together to relieve the patient's symptoms and often times even help save the patient's life.

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