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Columbia South Carolina

October, 22nd

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Columbia, SC - "kosher restaurants" search results

About Kosher Restaurants

The local Kosher Restaurants are food establishments the majority of diners have never heard of until they realize it is the food of the Jewish people, prepared under strict Jewish dietary laws. Operating under rabbinical supervision, kosher foods require that Jewish laws such as kashrut be observed. Kosher foods must be prepared with laws and regulations concerning food derived from Biblical law. By following these laws, local Jewish Restaurants must be closed during Jewish holidays and Shabbat if owned by a Jewish person. Kosher diners are located in communities where there are large numbers of Jewish people with numerous choices, such as New York City and Toronto, Canada. The popular foods served at local Kosher Restaurants are pizzas and meat dishes filled with Middle East cuisine, bagels, or salads. Fish can be served but not with meat. Kosher Chinese food is common, serving mainly vegetarian, especially on Christmas day. Kosher Restaurants can be found in Israel, such as Kosher Burger Kings, Kosher KFC, Kosher McDonalds, and Kosher Sbarro franchises. In the United States, Kosher Restaurants are less common than in Israel, but Kosher Krispy Kreme, Kosher Dunkin Donuts, and Kosher Subway restaurants have modified menus in order to comply with Jewish dietary law. Baskin Robbins ice cream franchises are kosher in every one of their locations, with signs listing which flavors are not Kosher.

More on Kosher Restaurants

Many restaurants are Kosher style, referring to the fact they are mimicking certain parts of the Kosher Laws, but are not 100% Kosher. Not all Jewish foods are Kosher, but traditionally Jewish - in order to be Kosher they need to be prepared in accordance with kashrut (Hebrew word for proper or fit to eat). Any and all foods that adhere to Jewish Law is Kosher food, but no all Jewish food is Kosher. Local Kosher Restaurants can only serve chicken, duck, goose and turkey, as they are considered Kosher. Deer, sheep and goats are Kosher as they are cloven-hoofed and cud-chewing mammals. Pigs and rabbits are not. In order for a Kosher Restaurant to serve seafood, they must have fins and removable scales, which leaves out shellfish, lobsters, shrimp and clam. However, tuna and herring are Kosher IF they have been prepared by a Kosher fish monger with specific Kosher implements. Scales cannot be removed until after the fish has been purchased by the customer. All processed food must have a rabbi present before processing begins. Beef cannot be served at a Kosher Restaurant unless it has been slaughtered painlessly under shechita guidelines. Dishes and utensils in the restaurant kitchen cannot be washed together, with separate sets of all pots & pans, dishes, and utensils. That is because they wish to prevent contamination. Once the dish or pot becomes dairy or meat it is because of the food seeping into the wall of the cooking utensil. Any food that is neither dairy nor meat is pareve, and labeled with a K on it for neutral. Also, Kosher Restaurants are not allowed to serve meat and fish together, or dairy and meat together.

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