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Florence South Carolina

December, 7th

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Florence, SC - "dance studios" search results

About Dance Studios

Dance studios abound in almost every town and city. Some dance studios teach courses strictly limited to ballroom dance like Fox Trot, Tango, Salsa, Viennese Waltz, Pasa Doble, and Swing. Other local dance studios may limit the courses they teach to theatrical arts such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Acrobatic Dance, Flamenco, Polynesian, and Middle Eastern dance. Celtic Dance may be offered as well. Generally, Celtic Dance is taught in very specialized local dance studios specifically geared for this dance form. Its important to know the type of dance your local dance studios offer as well as the style of dance preferred for the course of study. Dance teachers, like regular education teachers, should have some proof of their certification in the dance subjects they teach. Most dance teachers have professional training and performance experience. Being trained as a dancer isnt necessarily the only qualification for teaching dance. Specific courses for instruction of different age levels and proficiency levels of students result in dance teacher certification from a recognized dance education organization. Many colleges offer courses in dance, although most of the courses may be limited to ballet, jazz and modern dance, rather than tap or ethnic dance forms. Acrobatic dance should always be taught by teachers with experience in kinesiology and pedagogy, with kinesiology being the most important in order to teach proper execution of acrobatic dance movement. Pedagogy, the science of being a teacher, is a subject taught in all professional dance teacher certification classes. These are things to look for when choosing local dance studios. Too often, when a professional dancer leaves performing, they naturally turn to teaching. However, be aware that without proper instruction to teach dance, students don't obtain the full value of their instruction.

  • Hathcock Patsy Dance Studios

    106 Grace St, Darlington, SC 29532

    (843) 393-4766

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  • Florence Photography and Studios

    5621 Country Ln, Timmonsville, SC 29161

    (843) 346-7500

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  • Southern Harmony Recording Studios

    1340 Celebration Blvd, Florence, SC 29501

    (843) 664-0111

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  • Faux Real Studios

    808 S Cashua Dr, Florence, SC 29501

    (843) 661-7952

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  • South Carolina Dance Theatre

    1001 S Cashua Dr, Florence, SC 29501

    (843) 665-0606

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  • South Carolina Dance Theatre

    1810 2nd Loop Rd, Florence, SC 29501

    (843) 669-3991

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  • Dance for Joy LLC

    2015 W Evans St, Florence, SC 29501

    (843) 617-9607

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  • Private Dancer

    116 Aberdeen Dr, Florence, SC 29501

    (843) 395-5555

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  • School of Dance Arts Inc

    PO Box 3516, Florence, SC 29502

    (843) 665-0606

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  • Dance Etc & Characters Costume Shop

    1213 W Evans St, Florence, SC 29501

    (843) 665-9300

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More on Dance Studios

For a long time prior to the 1950s, ballroom dance studios became suspected of being charlatan operations. Very often contracts for dance instruction were costly and difficult to suspend when required. Over time, however, local ballroom dance studios have become social enterprises where classes are akin to a social gathering rather than very formal instruction. Theres been an increases in the number of local dance studios that teach ballroom dance. Its heightened social awareness and added to overall social graces. In addition, ballroom dance studios encourage their students to enter into various ballroom competitions, duly judged by other professional ballroom dancers. Recently, several ballroom dance competitions have engendered enormous popularity on TV. This has boosted interest in ballroom dance in ages from children to adult. A return to the glitz of earlier times when ballroom dance was less an art and more a social grace is one result of the increase in interest in ballroom dancing. Some local dance studios offer ballroom dance instruction to children as young as six years old. Local dance studios are very much an important part of local business. Most dance studios thrive for many years and often are perpetuated by younger family members.

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