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Florence South Carolina

September, 18th

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Florence, SC - "gas stations" search results

About Gas Stations

The hunt for cheap gas is on. Gas stations can never lower gas prices fast enough to keep consumers happy, but these days it seems as if the price of gas is not dropping at the same speed as employment. With the unemployment rate at the highest it has been since the Great Depression, consumers expect prices to be dropping as well. Unfortunately the cost of desired goods is not matching American incomes. Gasoline is a desired good that can never be cheap enough. Americans commute a lot and that requires a hefty amount of gasoline. Since America imports most of our oil, the U.S. government does not completely control the cost and therefore price of gasoline. Currently, gasoline is priced around $3 a gallon. Gas stations price gasoline based on their competitors. Big brand gas stations will always charge more. Mobil is commonly the most expensive place to pump gas; it is not uncommon to find their prices above all other stations in your area. Another expensive place to pump gas is 76 gas station. They also typically have higher prices. Next in line is Shell gas station. Usually Shell provides cheaper gas than the previous two companies, but their prices are still higher than gas stations like Thrifty or Costco. The price of gas also depends on how competitive a gas station owner is willing to be. If they get around the same amount of customers as the gas station nearest them, chances are they will not feel the pressure to lower their prices. Their prices might vary by a cent or two. However, if a gas station owner is seeing a lower volume of sales he might lower is prices to stay competitive and increase revenue.

More on Gas Stations

The best places to pump might not be in your area. If you live in a nice residential neighborhood or an expensive neighborhood like Malibu or Beverly Hills, chances are gas stations will be charging higher prices. If you travel a little out of the way to a neighborhood outside of your own you might find cheaper prices. Another good idea to save money on gasoline is to avoid pumping at the last minute. When you see you that the gas tank level is low, start investigating the gas stations around your area for the lowest prices. If you are planning a trip to the beach, pump before you go. Beach neighborhoods do not typically have a lot of gas stations and owners will charge you more as a result. Gas station owners also realize that most beach goers have traveled a long way and will need gas in order to make the trip home, this also results in higher prices. The same is true if you are taking a camping trip, visit to the lake or spending the day at a theme park. It is always a good idea to plan ahead to avoid pricey gas stations. Never plan on filling up at or near an airport. Gas stations owners are well aware that people need to fill up rental car tanks before returning them to airport rental car companies. Do not let your car run out of gas either. Paying AAA or other emergency assistance companies for gas can be pricey. The key to finding cheap gas is to plan ahead and investigate different gas stations in your area.

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