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Greenville South Carolina

September, 30th

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Greenville, SC - "greek restaurants" search results

About Greek Restaurants

The Greeks have been around for a long time and you can definitely taste that history in their food. Greek or Mediterranean style cooking has become very popular in the United States. As Americans attempt to eat healthy, they have stumbled upon a wonderful cuisine that is both rich in tradition and flavor. There are many local Greek restaurants that I am sure you have passed and never thought to check out. Do not put off sampling this wonderful cuisine any longer. Greek food can be both heavy and light. The portions are usually large, but the food is not greasy like typical American food. All of their dishes are seasoned with spices that come from all over the world. Typical Greek dishes include gyros and beef kabobs. Humus is a typical Greek treat. Humus is usually served as a side dish or appetizer a long side a main dish. Humus is made by grinding Garbanzo beans into a type of paste. Olive oil is mixed in and sometimes garlic. Humus is a tasty treat that is usually eaten with bread or used in a sandwich. Olive oil is very important to Greeks as well. They use olive oil in everything. Olive oil is used in their cooking but it also eaten plain with bread. Some Greek restaurants will offer a special olive oil that has been infused with different herbs and spices. You can dip your bread into this olive oil and it is quite tasty. Lamb is popular in Greek cooking as well. You can easily find ground lamb kabobs at your local Greek restaurant. If you are a vegetarian, Greek restaurants can be a great choice. Greek salads are amazing. They are made with different types of lettuce, red onions, Greek olives, Feta cheese, and are usually dressed with a special Greek dressing that is tangy and light. Vegetarians can also enjoy what the Greeks call Falafel. Falafels are made by mixing spiced chickpeas and Fava beans, forming the mixture into a ball and then frying it. Falafels can be enjoyed alone or in a sandwich known as a Gyro. A Gyro can be made of meat, chicken or Falafel. They take the meat or Falafel and put it into a pita with tomatoes, lettuce and humus. It is a very delicious and filling sandwich that can be enjoyed on the go.

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