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Greenville South Carolina

June, 26th

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Greenville, SC - "parking" search results

About Parking

Cities and large towns are notorious for their traffic problems. In some larger cities, it can take hours to get a few miles from your starting point. This is especially true during rush hours when daily commuters are driving to and from their jobs. What many out of town visitors don't realize, however, is that parking can be as difficult, if not more so, than driving itself. When visiting a city or town, Local Parking Garages are a good alternative to street parking for a number of reasons. First, in many cities and towns street parking is nearly impossible to come by. This is especially true during the work week when commuter traffic is at its peak. Even when spaces seem to be available, there are often restrictions as to when you can park and for how long. Many cities employ metered parking which limits the time you are allowed to park before having to refresh the meter. This is not only costly, but time-consuming and inconvenient. Local Parking Garages, on the other hand, provide parking for as long as you need it. Though it generally costs more to park your car at Local Parking Garages, by choosing one you are assured of a space that is easily attained and close to your destination. Another advantage of Local Parking Garages is that they offer valet service, so you don't have to concern yourself with finding a space on your own. At Local Parking Garages, you simply pull your car up to the entrance, leave your key with the attendant and let him know how long you are going to be. When you return, simply hand your ticket stub to the attendant and he will retrieve your car for you. You can rest assured that your car is securely parked in a safe and legal space.

More on Parking Garages

In many cities and towns, Local Parking Garages are quite numerous. In some cities, you'll find Local Parking Garages on virtually every block. Most of these facilities are indoor garages, some of which can accommodate hundreds of cars. Many are owned by large regional and national companies which franchise out their parking facilities. Some Local Parking Garages are open 24 hours, while others have specific opening and closing times. It is best to check with the attendant before leaving your car. Local Parking Garages charge on an hourly basis, but daily, weekly and even monthly rates are available at discounted prices. A recent development at some Local Parking Garages is reserved parking. This system allows you to go online, choose the garage closest to your destination and reserve your space via the internet. You print out your reservation confirmation with the date and time of your arrival and present it to the attendant when you arrive. The advantage of this is that you're guaranteed a parking space even during busy times when Local Parking Garages might be full. If you're visiting a city, Local Parking Garages are a better, and safer, bet than street parking.

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