About Dale City

Dale City, is in Prince William county, Virginia. This city is about twenty-three miles south west of Washington, DC. According to the 2010 United States Census, there are sixty-three thousand people living in Dale City. This area was built upon by real estate developer Cecil don Hylton. Some say his middle name was Dale, other state the name was chosen due to the hills and dales of the surrounding area. Hylton still owner corporations in this area including a sewage treatment facility.

Dale city has some interesting features. This city is near the Potomac Mills Mall, the second largest mall in Virginia. Dale city is also near the Waterworks Water Park which is a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike. The people of dale are forty-three percent Caucasian, twenty-one percent African American, thirty percent Hispanic. The remaining population is made up of other races and people with mixed racial backgrounds. Thirty-one percent of the population consists of people for foreign birth outside of the United States. The average household size is three people. The median income per family is seventy-two thousand dollars. Due to this figure the cost of living is above United States average. Many of the residents work in Washington, DC which is approximately a thirty minute commute. A large percentage of the population work white collar jobs. Eighty-nine percent of the people have at least a high school diploma. Near by colleges include George Madison University, Northern Virginia Community College , Marymount University, and the Mary Washington college. Education is highly valued in this town.

People in Dale city do have to be careful though. This area is prone to tornado activity. The risk of a tornado is Dale City is forty-nine percent greater then the rest of the United States. Dale City still attracts tourists however. There are many sites to see in this area including a number of museums and historical sites. There is also the Gunston Hall and Woodlawn Plantations that are worth a visit. Dale City is an upper class town that offers country life within the reach of a big city.

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